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Hi friends! Can you guess what animal this is? Be sure to stay till the end to find out. The mother bear is looking for her cubs. They are in this pile of sand. Let’s help her look for her cubs. This is a polar bear not a brown bear. Let’s keep digging. This is a zebra not a brown bear. Another polar bear. A baby gorilla. Where is the baby bear? That’s a baby bear. A baby cub. That’s a cheetah cub. And another bear cub. Let’s dig some more to see what we can find. Here is another cheetah cub. Another baby gorilla. We found a cat. And a baby zebra. At last, the mother bear found her babies. If you guessed rhinoceros, you are correct. Hey friends, thank you so much for watching. Please remember to subscribe and hit the notification bell so you won’t miss out on any new videos. Click on any of these videos to continue having some more fun!

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