Zhuqian Zhou: M.S., Learning Analytics

– Teachers College has given me a lot of opportunities to
explore my own interest and achieve my potentials. My major is in Learning Analytics, it’s about how we can take advantage of the power of big data to really inform the
personalized learning. The faculties and students
are working together trying to find the best way for students to navigate their career paths. My previous background is in
like business and analysts. I also trying to bring
in some of my knowledge in the industry to help
some other students. I took a gap year after I finished my first two semesters here. I went back to China and
start up small business for high school students to help them explore their career potentials. I directly applied specific
skills I learn here, I took a course that given by Dr. Corter, Multi-Dimensional Data Analysis, we know that some psychological tests can help you to identify
your career interests. So when I trying to find some tests and know about more mechanism behind them, I found that they’re exactly using the
multi-dimensional analysis. The name of my start-up is Shìjiè. Shì means try and jiè means world. That somehow reflects
my philosophy about like you always try more and more in this world and trying to find your
own goals and callings.

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