47 thoughts on “Zack Hemsey – "The Pursuit Of Knowledge"”

  1. This could have been my life. Now, thanks to Hemsey, I know better than to make books the be all and all of my life

  2. Hello Zack. Thank you for this incredible song.
    I would like to translate it in French. Would you give me permission to do so on your video?
    Thank you very much.

  3. I wonder about what hes singing.
    Great song btw.
    Which Mountain? Which guy?
    Which Desert?
    Or is the text just there to tell us to go outside and actually see the world that we live in.

  4. "I’ve seen the rectum ravaged and scavengers rummage through debris "

    This gave me prison flashbacks.

  5. So after all this, I have to ask: Is this based off a true story Zack Hemsey? And here's two words of encouragement, should you ever see them: well done.

  6. The only sad thing about this beautiful art is when it ends, but the good news is you can repeat it a million times
    Edit: it's been 3 days since i discovered this song, and i think that i repeated it like more than 50 times literally

  7. This song epitomizes my own predicament, in a way I couldn't get close to articulating. The " man who knew the world" was who I wanted to be, but along the line, experiences that I didn't have, and reflections on the same, opened my eyes to where I was lacking in – the essence of a life vived in the mind, while most alluring, to begin with, just wasn't compelling enough for me. And that is from when I embarked on the path of life and study

  8. Watching mumble rappers and how they get more views and more fame makes me question everything… Guess it's easier to act like a fucking moron, and a challenge to actually spread a positive message…

  9. For anyone who is struggling with life. I wanted to kill myself last year. It felt like I had demons in my brain manipulating my mind. I couldnt think clearly. I couldnt choose my thoughts they were being put into me. Everyday it got worse. I barely ate, barely slept, I was dying. My brain hurt, I was constantly getting light headed. The world didn't look the same anymore. It didnt matter how anything looked even if it was beautful, everything looked like hell but I didnt want it to. I wanted to help people, I always have but there was a constant opposition that wasnt coming from me, I couldn't fix my mind. I was afraid to trust God but I knew if I listened everything would be okay.

    I failed two semesters of college because of this. One of the few friends I had died and because of this problem I couldnt be the brother he always was to me while he was alive. Then my nephew got a really bad sickness. If he would have died I would have died. At the time I felt like I failed alot of people, because I did and I felt like I had failed him, I didn't feel like I deserved to live. It didnt feel right. I tried to fix my mind so I could do better in this life but it only got worse. God healed my nephew from a disease that should have killed him. Real authentic bible following Christians prayed in the name of Jesus and my nephew was healed. Even the doctor asked us if we believed in God because he said my nephew was alive by some miracle. I didnt kill myself because my nephew survived. I kept going but my mind was still messed up. I kept letting people down.

    Eventually I got fed up with myself. I got to the point that I didn't care what happened to me. I disregarded myself completely for the sake of others. Even though my mind was absolute hell I read the bible, I prayed and trusted God.
    The more time I spent with God the less, worry, hate, anger and paranoid I got. I learned to love people that I had no reason to love. I dont want to hurt people.
    The only reason I still do mma is for my coach that got killed. The last thing he told me before he died was that he couldnt wait to see me in mma, I feel like I have to fight, I know he didn't die for nothing, it wont be for nothing. Eventually my mind was free from all that hell, it took awhile only because I had a real hard time trusting in God but once I just let go and trusted God no matter what I became free from all that mental hell. I have mental clarity now. I have peace, I can breathe. I know alot of things in life dont make sense sometimes but I promise you there is life in Jesus. All of you matter. Dont listen to anyone who tells you that you dont. You are more than significant. theres a guy named dan mohler on youtube that explains the gosple of Christ very well, Look up Dan Mohler- what is our purpose

  10. I'm suppossed to be a dog to a dog?
    I'm sick of compensating your emotional uncertainty … not personal but my opinion towards this
    I already met girls with whom I'd live a life with

  11. Still here from 2 years ago. I'll be honest, I was 16 years old when I listened to this, and I was also stoned for the first time. No doubt that this music changed my perception in life. Thank you for making outstanding music, Zack. I hope to hear your voice soon again.

  12. some people wanted to be the devot part of a relationship … they never asked me if I want them
    then send out your boys to spread your passive aggressiveness

  13. This song brings me to tears every time. I am this with one exception… sacrifice has always been a sort of sorcerer stone for me. I was an alter boy and spent 16 years in prison. My mom isn't my mom anymore, my younger brothers are locked up and left the planet. All i was worth was my faith and I studied passionately. It's too late, but there must be something I can do for good people…

  14. Ive loved rap my whole life. The 90s were the golden age. This era is a dark age. your bars are a celestial hope for rap if only people could have the mind and talent you have

  15. After serving in Iraq, serving the prison system, and being an armed security officer this song hits home.

  16. When i listen to your songs, i feel something that i havent feel before. Its beatiful. Thank you so much for this.

  17. This song speaks to me.I love learning about subjects and disciplines and I just want to keep learning, Am a loner, artist and scholar.I don't care if people call me an imposter or fraud but I believe am a unique person for I seem so different from most people I know. These lyrics describe me perfectly, as said in Latin by Virigil the author of the aeneid Amor vincit omnia, love conquers all -Virigil.

  18. I keep coming back to this. What starts at 3:36 is possibly the most heart-wrenchingly bittersweet and beautiful ode to life I've ever heard.
    "Some lift hearts when they smile for no reason", so beautifully true.

    Thank you Zack, I don't know you, but your music has lifted my heart more times than you'd know.

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