Yuriyan Retriever Teaches Simon Cowell How To Dance! – America's Got Talent 2019

good evening what's your name retriever and I'm from Japan oh wow so you flew in to be on America's Got Talent okay and what do you do for a living [Applause] dancer and that's how you make your living in Japan hello it's one question yeah is this your stage name Yuri um Retriever is my stage name how did you come up with that name well I have a bed do you know retriever of course and golden retrievers yeah I have a cat so what does that have to do with retriever if you have a cat he's a retriever and Boo that we know would you compare yourself to I only respect three people in the world my mom and my dad had Julian [Applause] sighs and once at all I like your style I like your taste it was a mistake good luck oh look at the little lock oh my gosh [Applause] Oh [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] what the bloody hell was that Julian you gave her a buzzer when every move you just watched was inspired by you responsible I did learn the choreography quite quickly so I would have liked to seen a little bit more but a little bit less I think it's safe to say that we could all have done that [Applause] I get some candy and you guys have the same hair too thanks Howie you are so cute it's too late to suck up let's be friends Gabrielle please I want to know what your double-sided tape is because it was on girl let's vote I'm gonna start I love you yes Gabrielle retriever I am sorry it's a no ma'am ma'am you in okay yes me I tell you what I am prepared to do I am prepared to pay julienne to give you dancing lessons but it's an oaf announcer thing tell me about what why each day now topped me the doggy buzzers not working unfortunately biggest time for the other apps [Applause] now this is why I couldn't do Terry's job [Applause] I want to tell you I had that exact same hairdo in high school yeah I'm gonna tell you that right now left a cut is that I am a woman of my word so open your legs like this okay so now I'm kind of make a figure eight this way and this way now faster faster faster hand on the head stop right now now has a boyfriend hey YouTube I'm Julianne Hough and yes I am old enough to know what this is right behind me this was a TV that I used to watch VHS videos on but now we have two so if you guys want to click below subscribe and watch away

22 thoughts on “Yuriyan Retriever Teaches Simon Cowell How To Dance! – America's Got Talent 2019”

  1. お笑い芸人で一番英語力のある人。


  2. I think that's cool of her that she didn't mention she is pretty popular Japanese comedian but introduced her just as a dancer. That made her performance funnier cause ppl wouldn't expect that kind of performance😂 She was so funny!!

  3. When that music starts, I thought she would be doing some Mortal Kombat dance with those movements 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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