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The Bumble Nums Today, the Bumble Nums are going to make Underwater Watermelon salad But what’s the secret ingredient? One big underwater watermelon Just past the orchard by the pond, the Bumble Nums are getting ready to go diving
for underwater watermelons There’s Grumble. Yum There’s Humble Yum yum And there’s Stumble Uh…Stumble That’s better Okay, Bumble Nums, we need one
big underwater watermelon for our underwater watermelon salad And where do underwater watermelons grow? Under water, of course! Okay, Bumble Nums, on the count of three 1…2…3.. Yum, yum, yum The underwater watermelons
grow way down at the bottom Yum yum Deeper, deeper, deeper, still All the way down to the very bottom Look, there it is The underwater watermelon patch Now to find a big underwater watermelon Yum You’re right Humble, that’s a big underwater watermelon Yum Yes, Grumble, that’s an even bigger underwater watermelon Yum yum yum Yum Wow, Stumble, you found the biggest underwater watermelon of all Yum…yum… Hmm… I think that vine is too strong Grumble has an idea Yummm!!! Splash-tastic! Now do you have the big underwater watermelon? Now that we have the secret ingredient to
make our underwater watermelon salad, it’s time for the cooking countdown! 10…9…8…7…6… 5…4…3…2…1 Bumble Nums, you’ve done it again That underwater watermelon salad looks pretty tasty Mmm Mmm Mmm How does it taste Bumble Nums? Yum yum yummy!

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  1. Great, i showed this to my cousin and he jumped in The nearest lake and when we got him out he said that he wanted to find the underwater watermelons thank you for almost drowning my cousin

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