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what is up guys tipster here and today I have a new video for you guys and I hate to be that guy it seems like everybody on YouTube right now is complaining about something related to the platform whether its issues with copyright problems on the platform issues with D monetization it just seems like creators have more than enough reasons to be upset with YouTube and the way people are running the platform at the moment it's just a really depressing place to be and there's a reason why I focus more of my attention over here on Twitch because I just don't have as much love for the platform as I used to I still appreciate my audience over there which is why I still record content here on Twitch and then I provide it to you guys over on YouTube on the next day you know on the following day but be sure to join us we have a lot of fun here in the chat and stuff like that but anyway enough plugging my twitch but yeah YouTube is just a mess and it seems like every time we turn around they're doing something odd now unfortunately some of the things they're doing are because of restrictions in laws and stuff like that and unfortunately that's what we're going to address today it's still a fucked up situation but we're gonna go ahead and get into this a buddy of mine by the name of Josh Pescatore some of you guys may know that he is part of the dramaalert news team over on keemstar show he actually tweeted out some stuff and he shared this with me earlier today that it seems like YouTube has silently updated its European Terms of Service the EU Terms of Service and a lot of people are understandably upset about this because they didn't seem to make any official announcement about it apparently some people got some emails some people are saying that they didn't get an email but this is a really scummy situation for them to not do some kind of official update in regards to this but let's take a look at what josh is saying here he says hashtag breaking it seems that YouTube has released a you you only TOS an email sent out describes these changes and marks their effective date as July 22nd 2019 and then he says open call have any of you EU youtubers gotten this email so he's asking people if they got it so let's go ahead and let's take a look at this email this is the one that he shared and it says as part of our ongoing efforts to improve transparency and communication we're updating our Terms of Service in the European Economic Area and Switzerland and wanted to let you know about these changes we provided a summary of key changes we're gonna go ahead and take a look at those but here's a snapshot of what we've done so here's basically some bullet points in terms of what they've changed improved readability while still a legal document we've done our best to make the terms clear and easier to understand improve transparency and communication we've added some useful links to help you navigate YouTube including links to YouTube policies and Help Center we've also expanded our commitments to notify you about any changes that may have affected you such as future changes to the terms your content we've clarified the content license you grant to us to make it easier to understand we're not asking for additional permissions and there's no difference in how we're using your content our product today we've made some updates to better reflect the way YouTube operates for example we remove outdated descriptions and provided helpful details about our service with links to the Help Center and no changes to our privacy policy we're not making any changes to the Google privacy policy as the way we collect and process your data is not changing because of this update as a reminder you can always review your privacy settings and manage how your data is used by visiting your Google account so those are just kind of like a summary of some of the changes that are being made but they do have a more detailed section where you can take a look at some of the finer points there the new terms take in effect July 22nd 2019 see preview you will have the chance to accept the new terms the next time you visit YouTube so it's gonna do the typical thing some websites do is when you revisit a website after the terms of service is updated you'll be prompted to accept those new terms if you would like more information or if you have any reason you don't agree to the new terms and would rather stop using YouTube you can find additional information or Help Center blah-blah-blah-blah-blah we don't need to go into any of the rest of that so these are you know the things they've changed in in this email they try to make it seem like there's nothing too drastic for the most part things are staying the same but we're just tweaking some finer details right they try to make it seem like don't worry guys we're not doing anything too crazy right but that turns out to not be the case because basically we have a tweet here that we shared by Josh and this is what that tweet has to say let's take a look at this tweet interesting upcoming change to YouTube's European Terms of Service a clause allowing YouTube to terminate accounts if they quote reasonably believe there has been conduct that creates liability or harm to any user other third-party YouTube or affiliates so basically they're basically making a change here where they said if we can terminate your account for any reason if we ever feel at any point in time that you're doing something that violates our Terms of Service or you're doing something that causes harm to us or it creates any liabilities or anything like that we can terminate your account no questions asked so we're not talking about like oh you break the rules and so you get a strike you break the rules again you get another strike you break the rules again you get a final strike and terminate it we're not talking about that we're talking about without question they can get rid of your channel completely terminated no warnings whatsoever this is insane and this is a horrible horrible update to the Terms of Service obviously they have to be in compliance with the new what is it article 13 and what not in the European Union but still this is a big mess and there's gonna be a huge problem for YouTube content creators in the European Union but if that wasn't bad enough so they didn't make an official like out loud like hey you guys should be aware of this type of announcement they just sent like a little stealth email to people but they didn't make a formal announcement on their blog or anything like that if that wasn't bad enough they made another announcement today that has a lot of a lot of content creators not too happy now when you think of companies abusing the copyright system on YouTube there's one company in particular that always comes to mind and that company is um gee the Universal Media Group this company is notorious for taking the tools that YouTube provides to protect copyright holders and abusing them to strike the stupidest little things from content creators whether it's issuing a copyright strike or a copyright claim it is a pain in the butt for content creators to deal with um gee even I've gotten some claims from um gee it's not the most fun thing to deal with and they're the biggest culprit when it comes to basically taking advantage of and abusing those tools but get this Josh has also tweeted out this he says in the absence of an announcement of YouTube's new change to European TOS their blog instead touts their newest endeavor in a pioneering partnership YouTube is working with um gee the people who abuse their copyright system constantly YouTube's actually going to partner with them and work with them YouTube is working with UMG to remaster some of the most iconic music videos of all time so rather than having a conversation with UMG and saying hey it seems like you're abusing the copyright tools on our platform can we have a little sit down and have a conversation about that because our creators aren't too happy with it No instead we're going to partner with them to help them remaster some iconic music videos which hey you know what UMG has some great artists you know under their fold and stuff like that and it's great to see these remastered music videos coming to YouTube that's awesome but you really get a partner with UMG to make this happen at a time when creators are so frustrated with companies like U of G especially young G you're going to partner with them Jesus Christ I think what's really funny about this is Susan Wojcicki actually tweeted about this let me go ahead and zoom in a little bit so you guys can see it better and actually let me go ahead and navigate away from the mobile version of the site I hate the mobile layout I really do but let's go ahead and take a look at this version of the tweet excited to partner with UMG to remaster some of the most iconic music videos of all time at YouTube Susan what the hell are you completely out of touch with your user base your user base is literally in revolt right now over the fact that you mg and companies like them are abusing the copyright tools on your platform and they're using those tools to steal out of the pockets of creators and rather than addressing that problem rather than working with UMG to try and solve that problem you're going to work with them to remaster music videos you literally have no comprehension whatsoever of the priorities and the concerns of your user base you'd rather work with this company to probably benefit your bottom line as opposed to actually addressing concerns by your user base so what are my thoughts on this I think it was really fucking sneaky for YouTube to update their tos for European users I think this is something that you know users of the platform from Europe already knew was coming people already knew that this was going to happen because of article 13 and things like that we knew that there was gonna be some kind of tos update and copyright update stuff like that so they knew this was coming but for them to finally come to a conclusion on how they wanted to address that and not do an official update where everyone would know about it just kind of send out a little email that most creators are probably gonna ignore that is ridiculous they really should have done a formal announcement of some kind about this but they didn't instead they're announcing that they're gonna work with you jeetu remaster music videos un-freakin'-believable so understandably a lot of European users are upset they're concerned about their future on the platform and I totally understand why and even more so a bunch of users are upset that instead of addressing the problems with UMG YouTube is partnering with them to work on a project together unbelievable but at the end of the day those are just my opinions what do you guys think about this situation let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below I always like to hear what you guys have to say but anyway guys is tipster here I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I'll see you guys in the next one take care

28 thoughts on “YouTube Silently Updates EU Terms of Service and its Not Good | #TipsterNews”

  1. I also found the new terms which will be updated on July 22nd, very strange, they are making big changes silently… Why remaster iconic music videos? There are fine like that, why touch "sacred art"? I don't get it. In that tweet there was the thumbnail of one of my favorite songs 'White Wedding' by Billy Idol, I like that video the way it is, why change it? This new EU terms and laws (article 13 or 17 and 11) are so fucking bad for EU and the entire world! It will probably affect negatively other countries, this whole situation makes me sick! Anything but democracy, this is indirect dictatorship.

  2. The "EU" is just the mouth piece for the Left Wing radical open border globalists. We have the same thing here in America, its called the Democrat party.

  3. We're not allowed to do anything anymore its stupid! We can't rlly swear, can't make a comment that offends snowflakes and u get strikes for using a song thats already published to the world in a video and not say "i do not own this song" 🙄 gets u banned, at the end of the day yt is a bunch of guys who only have an appetite for money

  4. European here.
    The TOS update wasn't silent at all, I've been having a banner on top of the page basically asking "Accept or review" for the past few days now.
    Every time I open a video it keeps asking me to accept (unless I click review of course).

  5. FOR SURE will be deactivating my account soon when this comes into efffect. Youtube ALWAYS fucks things up.

  6. Always stresses me out to hear about this… Living in the EU, and being a small creator is gonna suck. I have a few times been giving strick, of videos were I was drawing. Errors, that soon can cause whole my channel to be closed down…

  7. Youtube was once good, and from what I'm seeing right now its going to die if it keeps pulling shit like this and in all honesty, good riddance.

  8. Idk why people are freaking out about the terminate accounts thing, Tons of sites do it and it's not like youtube are gonna go and ban everyone who doesn't have enough views

  9. Tipster, what are yr thoughts on this compliance coming to the United States? Is this something you see coming here to US? What do yr sources say? Can u do a video on it? Thanks!!

  10. YouTube and Google act like they're an untouchable monopoly. Federal governments are going to step in and put a stop to this. The illegalities behind some of the tactics they use are now being noticed by everyone, not just content creators. Their time is coming.

  11. Restore YouTube and bring back what's had forgotten!

  12. All platforms die at some point. The problem with the Copyright Directive is that it'll be adopted worldwide as the standard (like GDPR was)

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