You’re Wonderful, Too

(clapperboards snapping) (tranquil instrumental music) – Oh, boy. – Pretty much a good person to be around. – He’s just a cool guy. – I think she just shines as a person. – It was really eye-opening. – A bit of life-changing. – Doing that video was
definitely an eye-opener. Like, did they not know that
people think of them like that? Has no one ever told them that? – There were a million compliments racing through my head about them, but I just never thought to bring them up. – Saying how you truly feel
about someone can be very scary. – Getting to sit down and say, no, this is what we actually
really like about that person was actually really
refreshing to talk about and not have to feed into all that hate and all that grossness of
(laughs) the teenage world that I live in, I guess. – I just haven’t grown up in a setting where people openly give
compliments to other people. – The thing that you did to
be cool was to roast people. – It’s an everyday thing. – Was just easier to say something mean. – I’ve talked to a lot more
people since that video. I think it really changed
how I approach people to give them a compliment. – If I can make someone smile like that, then I’d love to do
that every day for life. – Don’t be afraid to say
something positive about someone. It’s not gonna hurt you in any way. It empowers you and the person you’re giving that compliment to. – People think that it’s
such a complicated thing, but it’s not. (laughs) Like one word can change
everything, and so it’s really important that
we choose our words wisely because they have more power
than we think that they do.

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