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Our hugely popular debate series
hones in on the really pressing policy issues in education, from improving Early Years provision, through to diversifying access
to our universities – and everything in between: school curricula, assessment and accountability, special educational needs, vocational education,
mental health, and more. We’ve brought together
a fantastic set of commentators and experts
to help us think through these topics – from school leaders and teachers, to politicians, academics, people from think tanks, activists, and parents. Our Professorial Lectures are how we celebrate and showcase the work of our senior academic colleagues. They’re an opportunity for those colleagues to draw together themes from across their research, and show how that has
shaped the research field. But also how it’s
influenced wider thinking, whether in public debate,
public policy, or professional practice. The lectures also provide a snapshot of what the UCL Institute of Education is about. From our work examining the factors that help or hinder social mobility
and social justice, to our analysis of how education
systems are functioning in developing countries and at home, in order to support more
effective investment and practice. I encourage you to take a look at the recordings and podcasts. They’re a great way to
quickly get to grips with the key contemporary issues
in education and the contrasting perspectives
on them. They’re for everyone who’s part
of our education system, or who takes an interest in it. Take a look.

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