Your City in 5 – October 4, 2019 (Tu ciudad en 5 – 4 de octubre de 2019)

(upbeat music) – Thank you for watching “Your
City in 5,” I’m Rick Isaias. The El Paso Police
Department has teamed up with the streets department
to educate drivers and pedestrians
about traffic safety. Police Chief Greg Allen,
along with other city leaders, informed mayor and council, as
well as members of the media, about a variety of
traffic safety campaigns and programs aimed
at educating people about traffic laws, rules of
the road, and responsibilities. Throughout the year,
police officers organized several outreach programs. Safety Town teaches small
children about traffic safety. Recently, the police department
received a $20,000 grant from State Farm that
is now being used to expand the Safe
Communities program. Police and State Farm
staff are visiting various high schools,
and talking to teenagers about the dangers of
distracted driving. – Our Safe Communities group
within the police department does over 400
presentations per year. We work with schools, we go
out to community meetings. – [Rick] Officers also organize
an anti-drunk driving event called Shattered Dreams. The dramatic demonstration
educates students about the dangers of
underage drinking, and the consequences
that it can cause. In addition, officers
educate pedestrians about using crosswalks
when crossing streets. Drivers are also being
asked to slow down, watch for pedestrians
and bicyclists. The city’s efforts can
only do so much, though, to reduce crashes. City leaders say a shift
in behavior by everyone is also needed. – We believe that keeping the
message in front of people constantly is how we will
influence people’s behavior. Lots of times, we learn
things, and if we don’t hear it for a long time, we lose
focus on how we can always be cognizant and help our
whole community be safe. – [Rick] The police department
is also working with the El Paso Streets Department
to improve traffic safety. Both departments are
sharing data on pedestrian and vehicle deaths to
make safety improvements. Plus, streets crews are busy
installing safety measures that reduce speeding
in neighborhoods. Crosswalks, as well
as handicap ramps, are also being modified
to improve safety. The city continues to host
community meetings informing residents about the proposed
2019 public safety bond. City staff was
presenting, explaining, and answering questions
about that bond that’s on the
November 5th ballot. More information on the
bond, including meeting times and locations, can be
found at In other city happenings,
free rides continue on the El Paso Streetcar
through October. It’s part of the El Paso
Strong ride campaign that encourages riders
to donate spare change that then goes to the
victims and survivors of the Walmart mass shooting. In addition to
supporting our community, the streetcar also has
several performances and enjoyable options,
such as catching a ride to watch a UTEP football
or basketball game. The streetcar stops at the
Glory Road Transfer Center, just steps away from the Sun
Bowl and Don Haskins Center. Some happenings out
at the city’s museums. You’ll wanna see the
Gifts and Prayers exhibit at the Museum of History. It shows the lavish
life of the Romanov era through a collection
of objects on loan from the Georgia Museum of Art. There’s also a traveling
exhibit at the History Museum. Faces and Places explore
the scenery and beauty of the Chihuahuan Desert
through photographs. Both exhibits are free. The El Paso Museum of
Archaeology is hosting the biannual Jornada
Mogollon Conference on October 11th and 12th. Archeology professionals
will discuss research and excavation
projects in our region. For more info on that
conference, visit the El Paso Museum of
Archaeology on Facebook. El Paso Animal Services is
adjusting its hours of operation for the fall and winter season. The center will be open
from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. seven days a week. If you’re looking for a
lost pet, or you’re looking to add one to your
family, visit the shelter. If you like to walk, run,
or ride a bike without the traffic, then make
your way to Scenic Drive during Scenic Sundays. The parks and recreation
department closes the popular road to
traffic from 7 a.m. to noon on Sundays through March. It’s about a
mile-and-a-half stretch from one side of
Scenic to the other. Scenic Sundays is free, so get
outdoors, get some exercise, and enjoy the view. You have a chance to
run with the bulls in the annual Running
of the Bulls 5K Run/Walk on Saturday, October 19th. Our friends at the Downtown
Management District are hosting the
annual race that goes through different
parts of downtown. To be part of the big chase,
register at There are several ways
you can stay informed with all the happenings
at the city of El Paso. You can visit,
check out our social media sites, and you can
always watch City TV. For Jonathan Romo, who’s behind
the camera, I’m Rick Isaias. We’ll see you next time
on “Your City in 5.” (upbeat music)

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