Your City in 5 – October 11, 2019 (11 de octubre de 2019)

(upbeat electronic music) – Thank you for watching. I’m Rick Isaias. The next 10 year census
is quickly approaching. In the next few weeks
you’ll see more information about it now that a census
office has been placed here in El Paso. During a kick off event
in the Segundo Barrio US Census officials announced the opening of a census office in the sun city. City representative and
co-chair of Paso del Norte Complete Count committee,
Claudia Ordaz Perez joined other government
officials at Armijo park for the announcement. The El Paso office is one of
26 census offices in Texas. It will serve west Texas
and house managers, staff, materials and equipment
needed for employees. The Census Bureau is currently
hiring hundreds of people for temporary positions to staff offices and field operations. – It is the job that counts. It counts for El Paso’s future
so if they’re interested in making an impact beside
getting a little bit of extra change so to speak,
please work for us. – Every 10 years the census
counts the population in the United States. City leaders say it’s important
that everyone gets counted. – It’s just important to
because we all care about ensuring that we get an accurate count and we as El Pasoans deserve
our fair share in funding. Anything that we can
do, any help we can get from matching any source of
other funding from the federal government will help us provide
that need to this community. – Anyone interested in working
for the census can do so by applying at El Paso voters will decide
whether they want the city to use bonds to pay for
improvements to the police and fire department. The 2019 public safety bond
is on the November 5th ballot. Early voting starts October
21st and ends November 1st. City staff has been busy
informing residents and answering questions about the bond in
a series of public meetings. Bond information including
meeting times and locations are posted at Did you know the city of
El Paso offers free Wi-Fi in public spaces? Your City In 5 media
specialist Jonathan Romo and I spent a day in the life
of the city’s only two communication technicians
to see how they keep systems connected and running smoothly. (energetic electronic music) – We’re a team of two people. We are in charge of providing
network connectivity to the end user. – What we do is we bring
in the connectivity. What we want is fiber optic connectivity. And fiber optic connectivity
is basically the highway that flows all the
information to every single city facility that we have. – [David] If we don’t do the
wiring, you have no network. You don’t have a network. You can’t communicate
through the internet, you can’t communicate
with other computers. – [Rick] We have day to day tickets. People, they wanna move the desk around. I need my desk over here,
can we get another line over here on this side? Obviously, yes. – [David] So right now we have almost finished all our quality of life projects for the Wi-Fi installments. We’ve done all the senior
centers, all the rec centers, the libraries. So we’ve installed Wi-Fi
through all these areas for the city. – [Rick] Now that a lot of
people have more cell phones and everything there are
coming to rec centers more. They’re drawing a lot more
of the coverage so we’re adding more antennas
to give better coverage to the facility. Obviously it falls in line with our, offering our services
that are quality of life so we’re giving them better
coverage as far as Wi-Fi. One more click down. – [David] We see new challenges
everyday, just like today. We need to climb in attics,
crawl through attics. Be on the hot roofs. That for us is a challenge
and it’s exciting for us. It’s rewarding. – [Rick] I love everything about my job. There’s not one time that
I wake up that I don’t like coming to work. I’ve been in this business
a long time and I love it everyday because it’s
technology, technology advances and we try and stay on top of all that. So that’s the product for
most of us, that we’re getting technology for our record. (energetic electronic music) – Thank you Jonathan for
that video and a shout out to David and Rick for all that they do. Offering free Wi-Fi is just
one of the many services provided by the city of El Paso. In other city happenings,
in a stirring display of patriotism and honor to our country, the El Paso Chapter of the
Military Order of World Wars held it’s Massing of the Colors at El Paso Community College. City Manager Tommy Gonzalez
headlined the event, speaking to active military,
veterans, law enforcement, JROTC groups and youth groups. The ceremony acknowledges
and offers respect to members of the military who served and sacrificed their lives. City Manager, a retired
Lieutenant Colonel himself says attending events
like this is an investment in our military community. – I think it shows that
we support the military and not just say we do,
but we show that we do by being here and being
a part of the process and being able to share our
story and our communities story and what we’ve done. – The Massing of the
Colors is held every year. Animal Services has found
a way to help pet owners and their pets. This time through a food pantry. The new pet commissary
initiative aims at helping pet owners in need of food
for their dogs or cats. The food pantry is made
possible through a grant from Maddie’s Fund, a national
fund focused on helping pets. For more info, visit and click on the pet resources tab. Business owners, put
this on your calendar. The 2019 Purchasing Expo
is happening December 4th at the convention center. It’s a great way to learn
about doing business with the city of El Paso and
other government agencies. The purchasing department
hosts the annual expo. Vendor booths are needed though. Call 212-1197 for more info. The expo is free and open to everyone. Chalk the Block returns to downtown. It runs from Friday, October
11th to Sunday October 13th. Professional and amateur
chalk artists from around the region are using
chalk to create colorful art on sidewalks. Visitors can also leave their mark. Chalk pieces will be given
throughout the festival. Chalk the Block has
become one of the city’s premier signature events. Now, the annual event
features an array of artwork, live music and family friendly activities. Jonathan and I will see
you at Chalk the Block. The city is hosting a bunch
of family friendly events for the Halloween season. All recreation centers
are having a free carnival on Halloween day. Games and free candy will be given out. Kids and parents can dress up as well. The public library
branches also have events leading up to Halloween,
from arts and crafts, costume contests and dia de
los Muertos storytelling. All branches have some
sort of ghostly activity. Don’t forget about the zoo. Boo at the Zoo is happening
October 26th and 27th. Expect trick and treat booths both days. Visit the El Paso Zoo, the
library and parks and recreation online at for more info. Well as soon as Halloween and
dia de los Muertos is over, it’s time for Winterfest. This year the coolest
fest of the southwest runs from November 23rd to January 5th. The ice skating rink is
back as are holiday booths and plenty of food. Keep an eye out for more
details on the city’s social media sites. That’s gonna do it for us but
make sure to stay up to date with all city happenings by
visiting You can also catch us on
social media and of course we’re always on City TV. For Jonathan Romo who’s behind the camera, I’m Rick Isaias, we’ll see you next time on Your City In 5. (upbeat electronic music)

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