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As an Ashford University student or
alumnus, we know you can’t wait to start fulfilling your potential and achieving your career goal. But chances are you have lots of
questions like, What can I do with my major? Where do I start my job search? How do I target my resume while lacking experience? Or why haven’t I had any luck after
applying for jobs? These questions all point to the fact
that searching for a job is a process, one which you’ll need to develop for the most favorable results. At Ashford University Career Services
Department we’ve created a comprehensive seven-step career roadmap that empowers you to discover develop and apply your unique talents to achieve your greatest career potential. Step one: use our comprehensive
self-assessment to understand your individual skills,
values, personality, and strengths. Two: take part in career exploration to
learn about companies that interest you and gain a thorough
understanding of your chosen industry. Three: engage in goal-setting to sharpen the focus of your professional plans. Four: find
out how to best market yourself through your resume, cover letter, and professional online
platforms like LinkedIn. Five: learn interview preparation techniques so you can effectively communicate your strengths and skills to potential employers. Six: understand how the job search and networking efforts are one and the same. Seven: engage in ongoing career management efforts to continually assess your progress making course correcting changes when necessary. Not only will the tools and resources we provide make your job search easier, but many of our students and alumni end up finding positions that are more rewarding than they ever thought possible. To find out more or to get help with any part of your job
hunting process visit Ashford University Career Services, and get empowered to achieve your greatest career potential today. To get started contact us by visiting the link in your AU Student Portal
or email Career Services at ashford dot E-D-U. Or call our appointment line at 866 974 5700 extension 2- 0057.

6 thoughts on “Your Career Roadmap | Ashford University Career Services”

  1. I am watching this video for my week two digital literacy discussion. I am excited to get my degree. I am happy to be working on a bachelor of the arts in psychology. I want to be a career counselor very much. I hope to one day live abroad and work from home. It's nice to know Ashford University helps with career services.

  2. Wow! I can't believe I posted a message about a year ago. I since changed my name. I am a cognitive study major and graduating at the beginning of 2020. Since then, I have learned so much at Ashford University and very grateful for the information in my courses which has been abundant and will help me in my future career which I have a broad spectrum of choices to choose from.

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