Your Brain On Shrooms

Psychedelic or ‘magic’ mushrooms have
been ingested by humans for over 9000 years. Even today, this naturally grown fungus is
commonly used as a recreational drug, causing hallucinations, but how exactly does it work? The main psychoactive ingredient in shrooms
is call psilocybin. When ingested, the body breaks it down into the active drug psilocin,
which makes its way to the brain. And here, it begins to prevent the reuptake of the neurotransmitter
serotonin, increasing its activity. On top of this, psilocin actually has a similar chemical
structure to serotonin, meaning it can also bind to and stimulate receptors in the brain.
This amplified stimulation causes you to perceive and experience things without any real stimulus
– also know as hallucination. These can be of a varying nature, from visual to auditory
sensations, or mystical and insightful feelings. And while the experience can be quite enjoyable,
some users have reported very unpleasant episodes. These feelings generally last between 3-8
hours, but could feel much longer as the drug alters your sense of time. Scientists have also suggested that the brain
may temporarily rearrange itself by inhibiting normal brain activity and immediately creating
new biologically stable brain connections. This, ultimately, makes it harder to determine
reality from fantasy, and amplifies your intensity of thought which makes planning ahead and
self conscious thinking almost impossible. We also see activation in the hippocampus
and anterior cingulate cortex which are associated with dreaming. *Finally, specific emotional
regions of the brain are chemically activated, which can lead to a sense of expanding consciousness.
And because the drug temporarily alters the paths in your brain, ‘thinking outside of
the box’ becomes extremely natural. In a famous US study, 36 college educated
participants were given psilocybin and observed in a laboratory. 1/3rd of the participants
reported the experience as the single most spiritually significant moment in their lives,
with ⅔rds putting it in their top five. Two months after taking the drug, 79% of the
participants reported increased well-being and satisfaction. Friends and family were
also interviewed and agreed with these claims. But it’s not all so positive – 22% of the
clinically tested individuals experienced fear and paranoia at certain points during
their trip. And because of the state of their brains, these typically manifested as terrifying
and uncontrollable hallucinations. *L Though much is still unknown about shrooms,
they’re not considered clinically addictive and cause little toxicity to other organ systems.
In fact, a UK study found that they cause the least amount of damage – both to the individual
and others – when compared to other recreational drugs. Ultimately, scientists believe the
laws need to change around clinical testing of the drug so advanced research can be executed
to fully understand both the positive and negative effects that this “magic” fungus
has on our brains. Got a burning question? And if you haven’t seen our video on the
science behind “Type A vs Type B” personalities, you can check it out on our second channel
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100 thoughts on “Your Brain On Shrooms”

  1. Guys take mushrooms the government wants you to believe they make you insane the truth is they are making us insane they prefer are dumb zombie like population FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FOR ONCE T R I P

  2. It’s even hypothesized that humans have actually been consuming mushrooms for hundreds of thousands of years, and that they played a hand in our evolution.

  3. When I was on 🍄 I realized how harsh we are to one another. I felt like I could read peoples minds lol. I could only hear people gossip and complain about life.

  4. Tried shrooms again for the 3rd time last night, a little over 2 or 3 grams. All the pain, the grief, the fear i experience daily… Gone. I'm also trying to recover from addiction on my own During the trip, i experienced every emotion, positive AND negative. Audibly, it turned off all noise, couldn't hear anything but the bass and undertones. It was like peeling off layers, painful, but in the end it was like waking up a new human.

  5. I took shrooms for the first time and let me tell you… at first I loved it, I went through stages. I did it with a group of friends and it’s true what they say, u gotta be in the right mind set. One of my friends started to trip out and we all started to trip out, it was crazy! My friend wanted to walk out and leave! We tried stopping him like twice! And you subconsciously say things that u normally wouldn’t!! We would be laughing then angry then scared lmao it was just something I’ve never experience before and now I’m just trying to shake off the anxiety of the trip. One thing I do gotta say is I’m not trying shrooms for a very long time lmao

  6. Bad trips are also probably because they took too much on their first try. It's the same with pot if you are an anxious person and you smoke alot of a sativa strain you probably are gonna have a bad time if you never been high before.

  7. Like terence mckena said:eat shroom in the dark in silence, if you combine this with a meditation or mindfulness you get and amazing results

  8. Psychedelic drugs such as LSD seem to make brain cells grow branches and form new connections.
    The finding in rats and fruit flies could explain why psychedelics seem to evoke long-lasting changes after a single dose, and why they may be able to help treat mental health disorders.
    The psychedelics include psilocybin, found in magic mushrooms, and DMT, found in the South American plant brew ayahuasca. In recent years, numerous studies have investigated these drugs as a possible treatment for depression …source the new scientist

  9. I once had an incredible experience months after having a powerful Shroom trip. A dream transitioned into something I perceived to be very real.

    Of which I suspect the involvement of DMT. It started whilst I was in the midst of a dream, my dog that passed away long ago suddenly appears in this dream. After we greeted each other, I went with him knowing that we were about to transition to a world beyond what I knew, but I had no idea what to expect. As I went with my dog, I kept thinking how sure I was that I was going to leave this existence. There wasn't a single thought of doubt, It's like I was in the right mindset to trigger what was about to happen. I remember it transitioned from white to black, my vision stayed black for a little while whilst holding onto the thought. I was completely calm.

    And that's when it hit me. The dream suddenly transitioned into something that had such intense stimulus of all my perceptions. What I mean is, it wasn't a dream anymore. And It felt more real than being awake. I heard the sound of an explosion, rumbling, my mind expanded and my body vibrated. I remember complex visuals scattering, though nothing specific. Accompanied by high pitched noises. It very much seemed like I was in some kind of tunnel. At a certain point of going through this transition, I felt I was going to die if I went further. As soon as I resisted death, I woke up calmly and clear headed, in awe ofcourse of what just happened. Apart from my big shroom trip, this was the most incredible thing I ever experienced. I wonder what would of happened if I chose to go all the way.

  10. I can say when you now how you are and now your way then your are ready for shrooms . But at the first time you need ca. 2 days to find ground under your foot. But it is so beautiful.

  11. I heard mushrooms can treat your anxiety and depression for up to 3 months on 1 dose. I've also heard that mushrooms make new connections in your brain and repairs some old ones that didn't heal because of some traumatic incident that happen to them. What happened is the brain had to make a quick connection which bypasses regular connections in the brain. It's part of the fight or flight. It's part of the defense for your body. Mushrooms slow down the process creating connections needed to see things differently to come up with new ideas dealing with problems.

  12. I tripped on 7 grams of shrooms a few days ago. First trip ever. First i felt amazing. Then i felt like my legs were broken and i was melting. I remember the whole trip. It was ok i guess. Didnt cure my depression tho

  13. I never ate shrooms but I do smoke weed and one time i stood up and closed my eyes while being high and dances and felt like i was in a club with a light show and everything was moving with an echo. So when i opened my eyes, it continued and everything moved in an echo and i had another perception of life, it was creepy and i was gonna cry because i was so scared and paranoid, and now every time i smoke weed i get the same bad trip and everything is moving and i have weird thoughts like that everything is fake and all people are fake and the world is just an experiment or illusion and now i can’t smoke any weed. So i am really scared to try shrooms because as they said in the video, you can’t be self conscious and that is really f*cked up because self consciousness is the only thing helping me when i am high because i know im high and i know it’s all in my head but imagine not having that.
    I usually take so much weed and i thing it is because of that cause when i take a small amout everything is great. But my friends take much more than me and nothing happens to them.

  14. my theory about psychedellics, especially dmt, is it breaks the filter of ordinary consciousness and allows you to percieve other relms of being. like a chemical gateway into another dimension where other entities reside. people often report a dmt trip seeming more real than normal perception and feel a sense of familiarity as if they had been in that space before and it is where they came from before life and are going after death. none of this is backed by science but its interesting nonetheless. you cant deny the gravity of the sbjective experiences one can have with these compounds

  15. For first timers I recommend 1g. I swear to God it is enough. I had my first time just today. I guess we all had a bad trip we cant deny it just be ready but you'll learn from it. And will change your perception ☺️ i think from now on I will try my best to be a better person 🙂

  16. My experience today. 1st few minutes: i am confused but there's no visual or anything

    Then i tried listening to meditation music here on youtube and i look around the room theyre dancing. I was in awe so i slap myself but ir was still there.

    Then i watched a cartoon rick and morty i was laughing soooooo hard and i feel like i was in the cartoon. And then i stood up coz i wanna pee but daaaaaamn theres so much going around me my hands look bigger then the walls are dancing.

    Then i peed and then what's weird is that when i step out of the bathroom i see myself still peeing and then stepped out of the room.

    But idc i was enjoying it then got back to cartoon then few minutes later…. idk theres so much going on i know i was just holding my phone while watching but at the same time i can see myself had multiple hands so busy plugging then unplugging my earphones and the charger and thats the time i stopped!

    I opened the window and look around, look at my hands and idk i just feel anxious then i forgot happened.

    Guess what that only happened in less than an hour but it feels like a day. That's why i'll end it here.

    I just took a bath brushed my teeth. And here i am.

  17. i did shrooms first time i had a bad trip i was laying in bed with the speaker on listening to music "i was home alone" and i seen my bedroom door open and a black figure standing it was the scariest thing.

  18. Was thinking bout trying it until the thought of a paranoid 8 hour trip that seems longer was mentioned💀

  19. Is it bad to take shrooms daily or should someone only do it monthly and have people died from this

  20. Only reason the freakouts happened is because those people either have guilt . or set and setting wasnt correct(being analised while meeting maker )

  21. The comeup is exciting. The peek is breathtaking. And the comedown is weird. I swear it felt like I was walking in third person in the comedown.

  22. My barber played me a sound clip of his girl tripping off of golden teacher and a disembodied voice was heard…

  23. I had the best trip ever and I felt great after. I took it at 10pm and it lasted til 5am I didn’t sleep I felt refreshed. We were camping in the forest and it was so beautiful.

  24. On my 13th birthday i popped about 5 to 6 grams of shrooms. Ended up blacking out after 3 hours. My grandmother called the police and me and the bois were taken to the hospital. Finally went home in the morning

  25. I’ve always wanted to watch this video WHILE actually tripping, and that my friends, is currently happening.

  26. The song that completely eliminates paranoia is ironically Paranoid by Black Sabbath. The happy beat makes everything flow like a river of spirituality.

  27. Psychedelics are different then hallucinations. Psychedelics later things around you so a mug looks like it’s melting or a poster starts to move. Hallucinations are things manifesting that are not there. Sooooo seeing people or spiders or different things like that. If you take to much they become a hallucinogen. Take a dose that’s safe and it’s not a hallucinogen but a much saver psychedelic

  28. In all of these comments, nobody ever mentions the price range. How much per gram, what is the quantity usually?

  29. Alcohol: is literally poison and kills people.
    Government: perfectly fine
    Shrooms: is basically just a hallucination drug which has little to no harm.
    Government: no

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