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I recently picked up three books out of this series called the young thinkers Explorer series and these are interdisciplinary activities based on body parts so there are actually four books in the series I picked up three because they were completely free if you'd like to see that video about all the things that I got for free from the homeschool bookstore I will link to it up above for you to go ahead and check out so the young thinkers Explorer series is published by good Apple and these are activity books for grades three through eight now here is the blueprint for this book itself and it goes through all the different things that the kids are going to learn in this book so analysis synthesis evaluation paradoxes attribute technologies discrepancies provocative questions examples of change examples of habits skills of search and all the other things that are written here even art music and different different disciplines as well so you can see there are a lot of things that are gone over in this book and obviously as well as the other books in this series so this introduction gives you a little bit more information so the young thinkers Explorer is the series of four books like I said I only have three I do not have the a show of hands book so they contain interdisciplinary activities based on four parts of the human body the hands which we don't have to feed the eyes in the face so it provides a unique new approach to very familiar subjects the key to this approach is the word interdisciplinary these activities reach into the disciplines of art music science social studies communicative arts math self reflective study and creative problem-solving and then it goes on to explain more about it there's a little note to the teacher and then they get right into it so I will just go ahead and turn through some of these pages and give you guys a little peek at some of the activities in this book as you can see even just from the first few pages there are so many different types of activities so they have things from doodles and drawings to writing and vocabulary and critical thinking as you can see there are lots and lots of different types of activities in this book then at the very end there is an answer key which is really helpful to the pen I actually usually rip out answer keys and keep them for myself and then I'll give you guys to peek at the other books as well so this was the first one called a whole lot of footage the second one or actually this is the third one in the series with second one that I have in the series is the eyes have it and so here you have the table of contents everything that's going to be in here once again it shows you all of the different parts that they go over in the book and then there's another introduction and then here are a bunch of the different activities so this one says write each member's thoughts on a t-shirt that's really cool especially if you have kids with any type of special needs like autism are things like that this would be really good for them to be able to identify thoughts and feelings because that can be very hard for them this would be really fun I love those types of activities I think I'm probably gonna like this I book the best I think way yeah see here's just so many cool things this is a really neat book so I'm glad I found this obviously this is not um a recent book if I can find this online for you guys to purchase I will link to it in the description box down below or if not I will link to other books that are very similar I think this was published in 84 there's already read yes 1984 and then the last book that we have in the final book in the series is called let's face it when this one is obviously about the face and once again they have this section of the beginning and the introduction and then they go into all the different things to your similes lots of different things pears drawing faces and so they say that this is for grades 3 through 8 and yeah that definitely makes sense cuz I could see that a 3rd grader could do this as well as an 8th grader it has a variety of things you know if you have a third grader who doesn't like to write as much you just let them write a little bitter sentence whereas if you have an eighth grader doing it they can write a whole paragraph so you can kind of make it work for however you need it and if you own this obviously you could make copies of this and let multiple people in your family use it if you're a home schooler so this is just really really neat I think this is gonna be really fun to do with my son Gregory and once again the answers are at the back oh my this is cool a person's face reveals much about his personality what can you tell about this person by looking at his face that's really interesting once again kids with autism that would be interesting for them to do that as well that would be a really good teaching lesson for them so these are all of the books that I have in the four book series I have just three but I thought I would just share with you like I said if I can find these online I will link to them in the description box down below and if not I will link to other books that are kind of similar to this idea thank you so much for watching please don't forget to subscribe and have a great day

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