You Should Learn This 5 Cristiano Ronaldo Football Skills

Hey guys and welcome to our new video. We are the freekickerz and of course, we are huge fans of CR7! That's why we did a tutorial for you. We have chosen 5 signature moves, we believe are his best. In this tutorial we will teach you the technique. Let's go! First trick is the infamous elastico, which is Cristiano is known for. This one is not an easy one! The trick is done in one quick movement. With the outer part of your foot bring the ball outside… … and then bring the ball back with the inside of your foot again to change direction. Start practicing slowly and without any defenders in the way. And then: repeat, repeat, repeat! When doing the CR7 chop, pull the ball with your sole from the outside to the inside and do the chop with your other foot. When you move the ball away far enough from the defender, you can almost finish your attack in one go. Try to stay close to the ball and proceed with the chop quickly, so you can separate your opponent from you and the ball. The 3rd one is a difficult one… …which is why I personally don't use it very often in games. But once you have mastered this trick, it is very effective! Especially when you are trapped in the corner. Pull back the ball behind your supporting leg… … make a 180 turn and in that same moment you pass it alongside the defender. You have to be really quick with the turn and it takes some time to practice, but it will definitely confuse your opponent and you will pass him easily. The step over 180: IMHO the most difficult of his tricks. You dribble towards the defender, do a step over with your strong foot and whilst you do that, you kick the ball back with your other foot to change directions. This is a superb skill to finish off the defender. But as with the other tricks, it takes a very long time to practice until you reach perfection. Let's get it on with the last one. Most importing thing: get your step overs and fakes right! Create a combination that you are comfortable with in games. Once you have managed this, the defender will not be able to anticipate whether you go left or right. This trick will really confuse the defense and if you are quick enough, best case is you go 1 vs 1 against the goalkeeper! These are Cristiano's top 5 skills from our point of view. Whose tricks do you want to learn – let us know in the comments below and we might be able to hit you up with another skill tutorial soon! As always: stay sporty and until next time!

46 thoughts on “You Should Learn This 5 Cristiano Ronaldo Football Skills”

  1. Which skills do you want to learn next? Neymar, Dybala, Zlatan or somebody completely different?
    Welche Skills sollen wir als nächstes machen? Neymar, Dybala, Zlatan oder jemand komplett anderen?

  2. Könnt ihr bitte verschiedene Schusstechnickarten Tutorial machen also anw welcher stelle man schießen kann . Plllssss

  3. Früher als ich 11 war konnte ich alle Tricks Dan bin ich in ein Verein gegangen und da waren Leute die kennen nur allein gänge meine Eltern jabin mich gezwungen dahin zu gehen seit dem spiele ich seit 2 kein Fußball das lustige ist ich hab früher nur 2 mal around the world geschafft und vor nrr woche obwohl ich 2 jahre nicht gespielt hab hab ich es first try geschafft 😂😂😂

  4. IVE learned football from this channel and now i am able to play football so good…iam so thankful to this channel..

  5. روووعه حسابك 🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦

  6. Elastico wurde berühmt durch Ronaldinho!!!!
    Bitte keine Gotteslästerung auch wenn CR7 ne Maschine ist, hat er diesen Trick definitiv NICHT erfunden

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