You or Demons: Who’s Behind Your Problem?

“The devil just keeps coming against me
brother,” Every counselor has heard that lament
many times and many counseled these have voiced that same complaint to me over my
20 years in ministry I’ve had to help many people try to sort out the root or
the roots of their problems how can you determine if it’s Satan who is primarily
responsible or whether the issues are yours let me state the obvious
both dynamics to be at work the devil’s are seeking to kill steal and destroy
Jesus tells us that in John 10:10 and will attack our thought life and
conspire through others and through life situations – harasses our unrenewed
minds however often make poor decisions that can also lead us into harm’s way
how is one to know personally I’ve determined that the demonic realm often
takes the fall for life situations and decisions that they have no significant
role in we need wisdom and discernment to sort it all out and even then we
might not be sure totally of what’s going on you know I once heard of a very
well-known Christian teacher declares something that I thought was profound he
said that when we get to heaven he believes we’re going to find out that
Satan the demonic Kingdom was much less involved in our misfortunes then then we
believed while we were on earth I wish I could remember that gentleman’s name or
find the quote so I could give him credit but I really do agree with him
Jesus told his disciples that in this world we would have troubles and be
persecuted but to take heart because he has overcome the world that’s in John
133 now sadly I believe that for many individuals churches ministries in
businesses it’s easier to blame the devil when things go awry than to take a
critical look at our role and our walk to
maybe we’re the ones that have gone astray what are some indicators that the
issues maybe yours primarily here’s a few you’ve not sought direction from the
Lord or others in your life for significant decisions you’re not you not
sought out counsel maybe you have a sought out counsel but you fail to heed
the voice of the Lord within you regarding a particular course of action
godly counselors people who know God and will also know you may have shared their
insights but you’ve chosen to ignore them you may be made support choices for
decisions and now really you’re just in a season of reaping what you have sown
maybe you’ve taken leaps of foolishness rather than steps of faith you know the
good news is God will still work all things together for good and on the
financial side of things maybe you’re going undergoing financial torment but
have not been faithful in your giving to God and this is important based on the
level that he not man has called you to give now what are some indicators that
it may in fact be Satan or the demonic Kingdom that’s the prime culprit in your
struggles you’ve laid out a really a God inspired plan and you followed it to the
best of your ability maybe you’re hampered by physical infirmity or
illness let me just say the demonic realm not God is the source behind
sickness and disease period he does not bring sickness and disease upon people
now possibly you’re experiencing financial torment but have been faithful
in your giving to God based on the level that he not man once again has called
you to give so these are going on and you’ve done these things and you’re
still undergoing their tax maybe this are indicators of demonic torment now
let me ask you do you see what’s missing from from from this list number one
there’s no mention of how much faith you have whether or not you are tithing ie
giving a tenth whether you were prayer enough whether you attend church not
believe me the four points and there are many others of course are essential
elements of maturing walk with the Lord but they do not guarantee that you’re
going to avoid struggles in your life the Bible tells us that God allows the
demonic Kingdom access to our lives is even our bodies and certainly life
situations we believers have power and authority over the demonic realm but we
must exercise it according to the knowledge and the faith that each person
has we must also fight our own mind battles take thoughts captive and
replace them with godly fossils it’s talked about in the second Corinthians
10:5 and Philippians 4:8 God has given us free will and we must learn how to
exercise it properly to avoid silly and damaging decisions to whom much is given
much is expected that’s Luke 12 verse 48 God’s ways are not our ways and earned
heed much higher than ours that the Bible tells us that in Isaiah 55 verses
8 and 9 but he does want us to move in the full power and authority that Christ
has given us each believer has a different level of revelation of our
true identity and all that we have at our disposal life situations even of our
own doing are all meant to draw us closer to the Lord and trusting him for
all that we have and that we do look at are you facing a difficult life
situation right now how can you begin to sort this out I believe that the core
that the key is you’ve got to pray for and gain wisdom and discernment truly as
to what’s going on or what has gone on without that you’re gonna continue to
flounder in darkness take stock of where you are and gain peace about
understanding how you got to where you are look at you may need help
company helped not opinions for people if you need it
get it plans fail for lack of counsel and with many advisors they succeed it’s
talked about in proverbs 15 22 making the right decisions based upon this
wisdom and the mind of Christ is gonna Trump emotionalism every single time
attacks from the demonic realm must be countered with spiritual weapons okay if
it is demonic it takes spiritual weapons to come against them look it there’s not
demons as we understand behind every problem in a person’s life but those
that present themselves first of all must be discerned resisted and driven
out as necessary and that’s deliverance ministry learning also I’m going to say
this learning how to bind demons and loosed the Holy Spirit upon people and
situations will help to up your game tremendously that’s in Matthew 16:19
it’s also important I believe to study and make use and learn how to apply the
spiritual armor that you have been given that’s Ephesians 6 verses 10 to 18
whether we get into a mess because of our own folly or due to circumstances
that are truly beyond our control I think it’s important to draw comfort
from some biblical truths first of all God knew you would be where
you are he’s allowed it to happen even if he does not want it all to
happen to you secondly he’s not mad at you were disappointed he loves you and
will be with you and bring comfort and wisdom to you if you’ve allowed promise
is also that it work it together for good that’s in Romans 8:28 if you will
continue to cooperate with his plan going forward also we know that as you
go through the trial however you got there your faith is being tested and as
you persevere where it says and follow him you are becoming more mature and
complete and that’s in James 1 verses 2 for that passage also tells us to
consider that as pure joy okay that’s a tough one but it says considerate joy
and then in verse five reinforces the directive to seek wisdom from God who
will give it generously our own actions or inaction coupled with demonic
activity can and often does lie at the root of a currentness to respond
appropriately though you really have to gain the right understanding on how to
move forward god bless you

6 thoughts on “You or Demons: Who’s Behind Your Problem?”

  1. we can not be tempted unless we are drawn away by our own lusts. With that said, our scars from our past usually keeps our minds in a constant battle. Self condemnation, while Satan is the source of our issues we are the ones who in the end have to make a choice, resist or not. I've had issues with porn in the past. Naturally those past issues try to come back. As Jesus taught, when a spirit leaves a man, it goes through dry places, returns, finds the house clean, brings 7 mire with it. The last state of the man is worse.
    Until we set aside our self condemnation, focus only on Jesus and what He did, then find out who we are, we will find ourselves in a mind game at all times.

  2. This is completely against the teaching of the Bible including the quote of another "famous pastor". The Bible is clear. Not only does scripture warn that he walks to and fro seeking whom he may devour and that he comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but even at times when Jesus was returning from long fasts, the enemy was right there trying to tempt Jesus Himself.
    11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

    12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

  3. Can a person believe in Jesus, be saved and full of the Holy Spirit and still me bothered by demons? God Bless. Thanks.

  4. No supposed deliverance minister should ever be watering down the very real and constant attacks of the enemy in our lives.

  5. The Bible makes it clear. It says we do NOT wrestle against flesh, i.e. against others, against even our own selves. What does the BIBLE say we wrestle against? "Principalities and powers…and spiritual wickedness in high places." Unsubscribed. People all over YT acting like they are speaking Biblically, but they are not.

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