You Can Manage Classroom Settings In Minecraft: Education Edition

– Hi, I’m Lisa. Today I’m going to show you how you can manage classroom
settings in Minecraft. In Minecraft, you can create worlds that are customized to
how you want players to interact with them, so let’s walk through
how to create a world and tailor it to our needs. To start, select Play from the Main Menu. Click Create New World. Choose a name for your world. Now let’s check out the
settings we can adjust in our worlds. First up is Game Mode. Here you control the player’s inventory, have students forage for what they need or give them specific items to look for in a treasure chest. Creative Mode gives
players the gift of flight and allows them to build with any block available in Minecraft. See the switches at the
bottom of this menu? Always Day ensures the sun
never sets in your world so you have plenty of light to build. With Allow Mobs, you can
control if creatures appear in your world. Allow Destructive Items limits the usage of items like dynamite. The Player Damage switch makes
players immune to all damage and Immutable World allows
player to view the world but not interact with it. Now you know how to adjust game settings to manage your classroom better when using Minecraft: Education Edition. Give it a try.

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