49 thoughts on “You Can Learn Anything”

  1. I’m a single mom of two and a full time student (nursing). I’ve been watching your videos on biology and algebra and it helped me so much to get better understandings from watching your vids than professors’ lectures. Thank you 🙏

  2. My gosh, this channel is one of the best motivational and educational ones there is for every young mind with the desire to exceed to their potential… by far.

  3. Yeah it’s motivation but xD I don’t think like i can understand math or physics I’m really bad at it…

  4. The problem is being forced to learn something that you're uninterested in than actually learning something you're interested in. Going through college algebra right now and it's a pain in the buttocks.

  5. But do we have the time for it??

    My mind: If I don’t learn and master something in a few days and at most a week, I’m a failure

    And yes, I’m Asian

  6. I can certainly appreciate the motivation but people are born with different intellectual abilities. That's why some kids start college at 11 years old.

    Obviously, not everyone can progress that quickly & it's not because that child studied more. It's because that child has an intellectual ability that not all of us have.

  7. Give me one logical explanation why some people disliked this video , this is free educational initiative , basically a noble cause

  8. i believe we can learn anything too. we become better at what we do not because things have changed but because our ability to do so has been increased. i love khan academy for all the effort youve made in ensuring you provide free video tutorials. as a person that loves teaching, you inspired me to start a tutorials channel too and as a result, i get to enjoy helping out other students across the world in Physics and maths. thanks khan academy and may God continue increasing your works.

  9. The first part is inaccurate. We are not all born the same starting at 0. Some people are genetically predisposed towards higher intelligence. It doesn't mean you can't make up a lot of ground with hard work though. Some actual geniuses don't work hard and are dysfunctional because of it. Whereas often people of average intelligence can accomplish a lot more because they are driven.

  10. "For free, for everyone, forever" this is why Khan Academy is always my first choice of learning websites… It's spreading knowledge like crazy! Be careful, Sal, or you might start an epidemic! 😂 But seriously, the fact that such an amazing thing is FREE.. I hope the forever lasts. It probably won't, but I really hope that it is free as long as it exists.

  11. The video is inspiring and it is ready to motivate us… I started doing Khan Academy when I was in 3rd grade. Now I am in 5th grade and I am able to do 8th grade math. My brother is in 1st grade right now, and he does 3rd grade math. Thank you Khan Academy! 🤓😉❤️

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