You Can Generate A Math Practice Quiz For Your Students!

– Hi, my name is Samaya
and I’m in fourth grade. Did you know that OneNote
can use AI to generate math examples saving your teacher’s time, while students like me can
practice over and over again. Let me show you how. You need to open the Windows 10 OneNote app or OneNote online and sign in with your Office 365 account. Type or write a math problem in OneNote. Use the lasso tool to select
the equation you’ve written, and then press the math button here. To see the solution to your equation, select solve for x from the drop down. See? Here are the steps
for solving the problem. And underneath that, you can
generate a practice quiz. Choose how many practice
questions you want generated, I’m going to choose four. Microsoft forms quizzes and then the questions into OneNote automatically. Once you’re ready, go ahead
and submit your answers. You can immediately see how you did. And check this out, write out
the problems you got wrong and see how to solve them, step-by-step. That way, students like me
can work through the problems. So you math teachers out there, this saves you time and
I can keep practicing. Give it a try! (upbeat music)

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