You Can Create Lessons In Minecraft: Education Edition

– Hi, I’m Brian. Today I’m gonna show how
you can create lessons in Minecraft: Education Edition. Let’s get started. Begin by creating a new world or choosing one of the templates
available in the library. Let’s use the Plains Biome
to create our lesson. Two of the most useful tools for giving your students information in Minecraft are chalkboards and NPCs, which stands for non player character. Let’s start with the chalkboard. Open the creative menu in
the game and type board. Add it to your inventory. Now place your board on the ground. Use it to edit and enter
text into the space. The amount of text is limited
by the size of the board, which comes in three sizes:
slate, poster, and board. You can find all three
in the creative menu. Now let’s look at using NPCs to convey lesson content to students. Find the NPC tool in the creative menu. Place the NPC on the ground to edit their dialogue and settings. Choose their appearance. Enter text to explain your lesson. In Advanced Settings, you
can add a link to the website or run commands to affect the game. Now you can use boards and
NPCs to build your own lesson within Minecraft: Education Edition. And that’s it. Thanks for watching.

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