Yoga offered as PE alternative

inhale draw your arms up kids do a lot of sitting during the day people would be surprised at how much they sit the most that movement that they do standing up or moving around is when they change classes or go out to recess and that’s only for 30 minutes so the benefit of having them do yoga in the classroom or in the PE room is to really help lengthen their muscles because right now is a primary growing stage for them in milk Cobra I have been a certified yoga instructor for several years and I was changing from the general ed classroom to the PE room and in my general ed classroom I did different relaxation methods with my students so that they would not feel so upset and tense about all the tests that they had to take and things like that and when I knew that I was going to be coming into PE I also recognized from recess how not everybody necessarily participated because if they don’t do sports outside of school they weren’t necessarily feeling comfortable at school exhale I wrote a grant for the fort Bend Education Foundation for yoga and I was awarded it and it supplied me all the supplies that I needed and so once I came in to Jim I started yoga with my older students first to help them ease some of the pressures that they feel just from life in general and then I started it with my younger students because I was noticing that kids just are not flexible because they’re not moving very much and we’ve noticed a positive change in calmness in the building and I’ve noticed that kids are not judging themselves the way they used to they all come in and they do what they can at their own pace for their own selves and they’re not always measuring themselves against other students for the relaxation and the self-discipline it only took a couple of weeks before we started noticing some changes and then the changes that continued to happen over time a big change that I’ve noticed is that kids that maybe didn’t feel comfortable coming to PE just had a better mindset of coming for the flexibility we’re really working on the flexibility for their backs because I explained to them that their back health affects their overall body health and so we get a little bit better every time we come I really liked it because it’s like really fun and it helps me like bring peace and to my life well it helps me pay attention try harder I do better in class with yoga too so I think I really like yoga they enjoy it and if for some reason we missed a day then they remind me that we missed a day if class is getting to the end they were that we need to relax I think Missouri City is a fantastic place to live and I just I think that it’s doing great things for all of our [Music] [Music]

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