Yidan Prize for Education Research Laureate 2018 Larry HEDGES: Acknowledgement Speech

Hi, I am Larry Hedges, the recipient of the 2018 Yidan Prize in Education Research I am the Chairman of the Department of Statistics and the Board of Trustees Professor of Statistics and Education and Social Policy Psychology and Medical Social Sciences at North-Western University and I am a Faculty Fellow at the Institute for Policy Research I am thrilled to receive this honour but humble because I know there are many others who deserve it at least as much as I do The important thing about this award it that it is a recognition of the importance of education for creating a more just and prosperous world, and of this central world in research in finding solutions to education problems My career has been devoted to the development of a better method to understand the accumulation of research findings in education Sometimes it is called meta-analysis. But my work has been applied not only in education, but also in social sciences and many other fields including biological sciences and medicines I’ve also worked hard to support efforts to create better research in education And “better” means to make research evidence available to the people who want to use it, policy-makers, school personnel and the public I am excited that this prize will help me continue my work in developing better evidence in education and helping to make that evidence available to decision makers and the public I want to thank my wonderful wife Judy, my children Liza, Marni and Tard my colleagues at North-West University and elsewhere, all of them have supported me on my journey I look forward to meeting everyone at the Yidan Prize Summit on December 10th in Hong Kong

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