Xian Teaches Omar A Life lesson || Junior FINALS comp set

that's my line where Haro today we inherit few times we were here with Tom and John and now we have a CN basically doing the same thing but today you're doing all the female problems and it's just you alone it's just like when you're in competition you and a wife who's hopefully we're not gonna really be strict on time because it's just really annoying essentially is Q the flames excited are you excited for the BMC's next week yeah yeah it was first comp in a while it's been a while how long as well around there do you feel like super mentally prepared yeah like I am psyched I won't do it I think we really find it like getting the bus of things like enjoy being part of scene and like I don't know just gonna take it more like a party yeah oh me I mean we're definitely gonna get pissed afterwards I'm sure okay cool let's go try these problems and see how you do great alright where are the first one it's this pink one why do we even separate the problems my fingers were shooting it's weird would you rather we had by I joined competition I think that'll be cool yeah I can someone has to start that someone who's important started thank you I think those finger booze could all die yeah that's a job to start it's a lot like scary feet I think it's gonna be a bit of a schmear fest yeah like a goal kind of like situation and then yeah it's gonna be like feet and go keep feeding it downs with head bomb here my zoom Xiomara be your zoom in this side there when your Oh I'm sole legal more up yeah come on my everybody do the one-two step thank you was that listen song one two step that's a shame because I love that part but I dress myself I just wait bad boy what did you listen to last time I don't know what about tell me oh that's cool I could do this video she's so beautiful yeah yeah I can touch it I do the same but to like Stevie Wonder or like Michael McDonald yeah oh no you had at that time even if someone – it's definitely a one ya Salam right a fair that handy as what's your protected is that that seemed alright you just needed while you're trying to get your right foot again you can step up I need to step up yeah just a bit you step off cool sure yeah I always say like the higher foot maybe better because even I could each get a little foot I got a bit stuck move on please boom boom come back all right cool this next problem looks fuked are it's like giant oh yeah it's like a weird giant inverted nipple the tapas or not I don't like it the diner is scary enough for the real problem looks like is just how untextured these two footholds are how are you thinking about it always understand why hope to doubt text I know just Lippincott oh damn um now that's quite right okay heart of the texture that's oh my dude oh do you actually like gripped onto that got one more in you ha ha ha ha ha ha we thinking I feel like you want to do it again but you know that it's gonna wreck you there are other problems I think it's been good yeah I think if you had more time you definitely yeah and I feel like it's been a good exclusively to try out like disguise yes I think I've been pretty focused on outdoors so I'm practicing something else by II cut cut you know like I don't get too boxed out like it's really important to try different things yeah it's perfect so we're trying this yellow here Tom and John tried this in their video and they struggled so let's see yeah yeah no I'm gonna be fine let's actually find it just hasn't been used like that no no no you could have pushed you I didn't Esther no dangers of it I do have such an old woman though my practical so I've been you gonna stop in the second off now yeah cuz you don't want to destroy about yeah whoa that looks sketchy on the food yes fine just the beginning ain't no need a risk if that don't exist in biscuit so we got 1 molar it's the fine actually how do you think this is gonna go it like looks like melons what I think if I could just do that first week I think I'll be fine moving the leap you know split stand whatever yeah come on yeah thing then across me it's quite far what your nose fine I do you have to leave and you know yeah it's like kind of on the limit on my sexuality my repertoire yeah delete baby monitor okay you got it you got it looks like it's frustrating that we'll see you being frustrated and then big like no must be possible we have such different personalities possibly I'm so negative I don't like not having fun so you don't stop doing it either change my attitude see I'm too like pessimistic for that when I try when I lie to myself and be like it's okay another voice would be like no it's not okay a lie this is the fundamental difference I don't think of it as lying because I mean like how is this any different from ECG on a different side that I'm all familiar with but really struggling on it it's just like the same really how do you not get swamped done by realism that's the most fun to be down so when I think is like like Germany's fucked up one day I'll be better and I think actually statistically no your knees down really fucked yeah that's you know statistically he logically it's like that's an average result so you are one person so if the average result does not apply to an individual cuz every individual who has any result along the spectrum so that actually doesn't apply so damn why is dude you're like you're like a Yoda of climbing not like new puzzle do a big accurate like that's like she means ah so like you're just sensually just more idea than I am yeah I just see these what they are now I need to go a layer deeper yoga rags oh I was better I was too close to the wall before getting better though do you point to me I'm Emmett right one more time mmm yeah boom nice calm yeah yeah I was lost so she said she really saw me yeah yeah I was how was your stuff today yeah a good yeah it's good tonight have a good comp crimes yeah and remember what about how you feeling about PMC's this weekend now the BBC's already Bay's around remaining the BMC at the BBC's who's also been filmed by the BBC yeah that's technically correct yeah I mean I actually think it's gonna be really hard yeah but I actually didn't think about this before I signed up mm-hmm and that's like actually that's the best reason to join yeah cuz it's gonna be really hard yeah and you're doing something even though you think it's gonna be harder exactly's good as it ran into your fear yeah cool thanks for joining me today and I really hope you smash it this weekend I'll be there watching I'm Phil thank you guys remember that see Enders coaching if you want to be coached by the one and only CL she will fight you I'll link her website on the screen or in the description remember to Like comment subscribe go boots yen giving money back

36 thoughts on “Xian Teaches Omar A Life lesson || Junior FINALS comp set”

  1. I really like what Xian had to say about positivity. I have always been on Omar's side of things, but am slowly moving away from it. And she's right about "average" vs individual result. How as a pessimist we are anticipating certain things will go wrong (because statistics, unfavorable empirical experience…etc.), but these are merely justifications we use to project our certainty, even though every experience is different, and we never know how things will turn out. Will you get the job? Will this person you've recently met become part of your life?…etc. The only thing we can control is our own mindset, but even seeing it as "control" is a hindrance to getting there. Once we give up the need to control or label, we accept things simply as they are/happen, rather than using them as ammunition to reinforce the idea that what is to come will have the same negative result.

    As a life-long pessimist I can attest to the difficulty in changing this mindset, but I'm starting to find out, even the slightest incremental progress is having an incredible effect on how I see the world, view existence…etc.

  2. When are you guy gonna come to Portland and let me show you round? dope video by the way! always love watching Xian climb 🙂

  3. Need to see a vid of Xian being Omar’s training Yoda, Xian on his back while he runs through the Dagobah swamplands

  4. Love Xian videos as always, and Omar normally your videography is spot on even w/o a gimble but I think in this one you were shifting from one leg to the other a lot or something because it was way too shakey this time, it was kinda hard to watch near the end. On the flip side love the muzak as always. Thx for all you do!

  5. I like her she is so sweet and she lands properly ive seen professionals who just jump off the wall and instead of rolling back they let the shock stay in their legs which is an injury risk but because im new to climbing im just told that im lying :p

  6. ive never understood why they have men and womens problems. seems dumb. climbing outside doesn't have mens and womens boulders or sport routes. and plenty of women climb hard with men that climb hard. seems absurd to have different problems set for them.

  7. A little bouldering action…and then youtube decides I need to see a commercial for a concealed handgun holster…right on youtube. Can't solve a boulder? Draw on it and start blasting yo!

  8. At 15:21 Xian is doing a gaston. There was no right foot hold. How was she able to move her left leg without falling? Is she holding her whole body weight with her gaston???

  9. Man modern comp bouldering is lame. The first boulder looked pretty good, but the second and third just make me depressed. Big expensive volumes without texture, another coordination jump. I really want to climb on those, said no one ever.

  10. Is Xian passing the life lessons along with the climbing lesson or is there like an extra sign up for philosophy with Xian? Could use both…

  11. Omar asking the tough questions: co-ed climbing, guilty pleasure pop music, the nature of experiencing failure and pessimism vs. optimism… Xian acquits herself well on the wall and off.

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