40 thoughts on “Wu-Tang – Lesson Learn'd ft. Redman, Inspectah Deck”

  1. Rumour has it Lil Wayne went up a mountain saw the Wu performing, came back down with white hair holding stone tablets.

  2. It's great track but I'm bored that a lot of guys keep writing that whole modern rap is bullshit.Guys do you listen Earl Sweatshirt,Tyler The Creator,Vince Staples,Travis Scott,Cardi B,Azealia Banks,Chance the Rapper,J Cole,Kendrick Lamar etc.?They are great artists

  3. Wu Tang Clan Classic Heat Real life Shit my Niggaz What up New York Giants Raekwon da Chef in Rip Dirty Rza Redman Jersey

  4. Sup, brothas.
    I've been a Hardcore Wu Fan since 1997.
    So, since English isn't my first language, could anyone PLEASE, write down the whole conversation they have in the beginning of the video?
    And also explain to me what that scene has to do with the lyrics?
    Thanx in advance.
    God bless us ALL!

  5. Famny sucks giving up something u love so much cus people at my work hate it so much they see u smile an they want to take it, like with in one week I got suspended twice over one week all cus I was happy with hiphop, Hates are evil people cus they don't no that for some people that's all we have from jumping over the edge . I loved being with my hip hop famley now iam alone and it hard to find my happy . So Wu keep feeding me your engery cus u guys are now my friends , I take care of to many people, I need u guys to keep it coming cus IAM just clinging to life. It feels like someone died , and I find less reason s to live so u guys can't stop . IAM lost again in I hate being in dark places .love an peace

  6. If Karate Sensai masters can be sought out for their knowledge after 80, these masters can bring it until they die.

  7. Wu-Tang is dope, but El-P has been the future of hip hop for the last 15 years, at least. RTJ killin it.

  8. Why in 2019, did I catch the Vandal Savage line from Inspecktah Deck for the first time?!😭 You can't fuck with a vet who's a fan of comics and shouted them out over 25 years before the MCU existed.

  9. this is the real shit i miss too much bullshit hip hop too many fake ass overnight rappers think they sound good please. this is the real shit i listen too…

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