32 thoughts on “Writing Skills: The Paragraph”

  1. Thanks for a great lesson! I'm very interested in seeing your whole essay to analyze how it is structured. Would you be willing to send me this? 🙂

  2. Excuse me, I don't understand the difference between "why important" and "reason" in "detail" yet.

  3. Thanks for you explanation. It was so clear… u are an execellent English teacher, beside that you are cute 😉😉

  4. Hi Teacher,

    Please give an idea how I can improve writing and grammar specially tenses.

    It really very helpful your lesson.
    Thank you

  5. Hi Adam thanks for teaching. I have a question I must improve my writing English but l don't know who can I start who can I improve. Please give me some advice for my peoblem.

  6. Thank you teacher for your best paragraph , but wher is the title and what about the puntuation mark , lam so afried in writen because iam alwyas failed in writen , How I can be a successful writer😭😭

  7. This really helped me thank you for making your video public. Is there any videos that you can recommend for organizing your thought and also, making a meaning full connection in your writing. I don't know if you ever got this comment. But in my academic essay, I have gotten the reoccurring comment, 'too much theory not enough applicatio'. Is there any way you can provide help with this?

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