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(dramatic instrumental music) – I think the first thing that I notice is usually someone’s eyes or smile. As cheesy as it sounds I really think that the eyes are a good
way to kind of like see into someone’s soul. A good physique isn’t bad either. (laughing) – If you pull it off I like it. It’s always been that like
a girl with short hair but she pulls it off, I’m into it. So it’s tough for me to just be like oh I need her to be this,
this, this, and this. I’ll know it when I see it. I know that’s a horrible answer for you but I’ll know it when I see it. (laughing) (soft instrumental music) – Your name is Julien
and this is your story. You are 25 years old. For work, you are a graphic designer. You grew up somewhere in California and your cultural or ethnic
background is Persian. – Alright, my name is
Andrew and this is my story. I’m 26 years old, I am a car salesman. I was born in Massachusetts
and I am Portuguese, full-blooded. – Okay. – Persian? (laughing) That’s the
first time I got that one. – I don’t know, I just feel like. ‘Cause you have hair
and I know Persian men are like hairier so that’s kind of where my observation came from. – They’re the only hairy men in the world. (laughing) – Your name is Jenny
and this is your story. I went 25 years old. You work for some type of retail store maybe as a manager or something and you grew up here in California and you’ve got some percentage of Korean. – Interesting, okay (laughing). – My name is Vivian. I am 22 years old. I am a health consulting
intern as well as a student. I grew up in Southern California and my cultural or ethnic
background is Taiwanese. – Ooh nice. (soft instrumental music) – I was working in a machine
shop for like four years working with my hands and I realized that I was supposed to
be dressin’ up for work, talkin’ to people, being social. Even though car salesmen get a bad rep, I put a lot of customer
service into my car sales and I like the process. I mean the hours are
long but it’s something I’m naturally good at
and there’s no ceiling. If you’re workin’, you’re
grindin’, you’re hustlin’, you’re makin’ money. I don’t like limitations. – I’ve always been someone that enjoys being in a committed relationship and I just want someone who’s ambitious and has passion towards
whatever they want to do in the future and from
a woman’s perspective and I think most women would agree with me like we can definitely tell when someone is trying to overcompensate for something. – Your favorite emoji
is the thumbs up emoji. I said that your favorite
holiday is Thanksgiving. If you could pick a new
name you would pick Anthony? The person you are most like
in your family is your dad. – Not bad, uh actually
it’s the a-okay one. – Okay (laughing). – You were pretty close. Crazy on the holiday, it is Thanksgiving. (dinging) Usually people don’t see that coming. I love it ’cause of the three F’s. Family, food, football. (laughing) And my name that I
would pick, Brady, easy. – Brady. – Brady, yeah, ’cause of
the Tom Brady who’s my idol. – Okay (laughing). – And uh the person I’m
most like in my family would be my mom. The ability to kind of
like control the room, I got that from her. I put winky face as your go to. Your favorite holiday is Christmas. If you could pick a new
name it would be Savannah. The person you most like in your family would be your sister. – You were honestly pretty
on point for a lot of them. I’m actually surprised. My favorite emoji is the winky
face but with the tongue out. So it’s like a half winky face. – It’s a little more aggressive, yeah. – Yes, my favorite holiday is Christmas. If I could pick a new
name I went with Ashley. I don’t know why, I just feel like maybe I look like an Ashley. The person I’m most like in
my family is actually my dad. I’ve gotten his drive
and his sense of humor and his just like absolute silliness. – Okay, yeah sure. (soft instrumental music) – I am from a small city
called Diamond Bar, California. (laughing) It’s very Asian-dominated. Because it was so
Asian-populated I think everyone was really pushed and
kind of had that pressure to always achieve the
best within our school. I would say that I probably
studied more than I should have. – I tell my little cousins all the time go to college, go to school if you can. But that’s not the only path to success. It’s a good one, a lot of people do it. For me it just didn’t make sense. The way I’m gonna make my money doesn’t require a college education. My skill set is sales. They can’t teach you how
to be a good salesman, let’s put it that way. I’m gonna try to be as nice as possible but you can’t learn it in a book. You either got it or you don’t. (soft instrumental music) – You are good with money. And I said a good salary
for a couple in the US (mumbles) is maybe like $130,000. You learned about financial
management from your father and you think an
appropriate number of hours to spend working per week is about 45. And I think that you think the man should be the breadwinner. – Yeah, I’m pretty solid,
money has never been an issue. I’d say get to 100 grand and you’re good. Anything over that is gravy. It’s just that mindset thing I had. Uh financial management was my mother. She helped me out with that. And then 45 to 50 hours a week. I’m kind of changed my
mind over the years. I’m not big on it but yeah I would, if I had to pick one I’d
pick the man obviously. – Okay. – I put you’re great with money. A good salary for a couple in
the US would be about $90,000. You learned about financial
management from your mom. An appropriate number of
hours to work is a clean 40. You think the woman is
stepped up over the man. – I’m pretty good with money. I haven’t had any issues in the past. I said a good salary
for a couple in the US is probably like $120,000
but I also think that depends on what state you’re living in. I learned about financial management actually from school at USC. For me an appropriate number
of hours to spend working per week I think is about like 50. Okay so for the next one I actually think a woman and a man should be equal in terms of being the breadwinner. I think in my opinion that both partners should be contributing together. So I think growing up in a really like, I wouldn’t say it was really Asian but I was definitely raised
with Asian culture ideals and my parents always stressed
the importance of education. To kind of like, to learn
more about the world but also to realize what
you want to do in life. So for me I think it would be
hard for me to date someone that doesn’t have a college education just because it’s been
stressed so heavily on me. – So that is where we’re different. It’s not because I don’t
value college education. I tell all my cousins to go right, it’s just like I am a big
believer everybody’s different and I knew at a certain
point that going to school wasn’t gonna help me
further myself career-wise. It was just gonna be a
piece of paper for me that said I graduated. Instead of that I made the
choice that I was better at selling, being myself,
I had something to offer to the workforce as far
as making money that way. I’m a hard worker, I show up all the time. I just, it worked for me, but
I tell people all the time, go to school, go to
college, it’s important. – Yeah. – But if it’s not gonna help
you get where you need to go then you should probably save your money and you could put it somewhere else. – Yeah, I feel like super,
I actually feel like I totally understand
where you’re coming from. Like if you think you don’t need it and if you’re at a good
place and you’re learning by working and like you
have good opportunities and I don’t think it’s you know like something that’s mandatory. It doesn’t like define who you are. – Absolutely. – Yeah, I completely understand that. (soft instrumental music) (merges into dramatic instrumental music) – So when I first saw you I decided (laughing) that I would date you. But after talking to you I uh, still decided that I
would like to date you. The reason why, I could
tell that you seem nice and approachable. I mean you could tell just by your smile. I mean talking to you more and finding out what you’re about I was
like oh, green light. So I put a smiley face. – When I first saw you I
decided that I would date you. – Nice. – You seemed really approachable,
you were dressed nicely. After meeting with you I still
decided I would date you. (laughing) And despite having that difference
on our educational views I really appreciated that
you said that you work hard and I think that’s something
that’s really important. – Surprisingly that went well. You know I mean I had no
idea what I was walking into. – Yeah, I’ve never been on a blind date so this was definitely an
interesting experience. – Everybody’s got an opinion. Whenever you see somebody it’s, you feel like you know already
what they’re all about. – I think it was also cool for me to like re-evaluate my views on
the whole education thing. Well have you gotten lunch? (laughing) I’m really hungry. – Oh my God yeah, I’m always hungry. – Assumptions are good to a certain extent but they’re not everything when you’re trying to meet someone new. – [Andrew] It was honestly
a pleasure to meet you. – [Vivian] It was great meeting you too. – Oh, I’ll definitely take that lunch. (laughing) – [Vivian] Okay, sounds good. – [Andrew] Alright. (soft instrumental music) ♫ Soul pancake (upbeat instrumental music)

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    That bisshhh is already in love with him, he don't even have to wait a f*cking day.
    If they play that 💩 movie commercial one more time I'm literally gonna break my phone.

  2. I am more educated, but I married him. He is a college graduate.He is very intelligent and more practical than I am.

  3. I agree with the guy he doesn't seem less educated as a matter of fact I think he seems very intelligent and he's right a business degree is useless they don't teach that really because everyone that's good with business are out making money running companies and selling they're goods and services and they aren't teaching at a college

  4. please Portuguese never go out with Asian we are very different in values and morals. So proud that he did what he wanted and not what society demands.

  5. She seemed kind of fake to me with her constant fake smile and her forced giggles after everything he said.

  6. I ship them and I love how open and honest and invested in the conversation they both were. They were really willing to listen to each other about their different views of life

  7. Omg he is Portuguese.. that made me so happy. I love your videos and I´m Portuguese, but for some reason I never imagined a Portuguese person would appear in one of the videos I like.

  8. Yes and my husband is less educated than me. But in no way would I say he is less intelligent than me.
    Intelligence is different than being educated.

  9. My mom is a college professor, she said she’d rather go to my graduation than to my wedding… I don’t know how it would be like to date someone who didn’t go to college 😂

  10. Education is important. But, I tried college and failed then later went to trade school. That counts. Glad they worked out and hope they continue to tell us later update on their dating!

  11. I definitely agree that you don’t need to have a degree to be successful, but I just researched online that most cars salesman only make anywhere from $40-60k per year. That’s not very much money in my opinion and especially if he never excelled. Idk I think he should have a plan B with his career.

  12. I could really feel how much they liked each other and how nervous they were. Like if u feel the same

  13. In Asian communities, you're seen as a loser if your household makes less than 100K a year. This is also probably why Asian Americans do better in school and in their professional life. They are actually willing to work harder and longer

  14. Wtf 45 hours a week that to much i am from Holland i work 24 hours a week en if i want to i work extra. But 45 hours a week that is slavery

  15. so everything takes a back seat if youre good looking.
    we still think about our children before choosing a date. pretty sad.

  16. She should never have said the stuff about education. Mind over matter etc is such a bad topic when you at the same time claim that education stand over tacit, practical knowledge.

  17. i feel u vivian. My city's demographic is mostly asian. The school pressure is so overbearing and terrible, with kids in 7th grade starting on SAT prep and 6th graders doing pre calculous. 🙁
    the teachers are so terrible, and the stress is so much, ten kids committed suicide this year alone from the stress of school and parents alone

  18. Asian are the best immigrants of the world. They are polite, they help society. They are not trying to dress your girls with a burka and Taiwanese guy don't loose it when they see a hot girl in a skirt (try to walk across any Arab neighbors in Paris with a mini skirt). And Asian pay much taxes cause they work hard and honestly and don't sell drugs at each street corners. Unlike African-Americans or Mexicans or Salvadorians, Asian don't solve each and every issue with a gun and Asian only make gangs to produce T-Shirts and fake Jordan's. They are not so many Asian selling drugs. Maybe they are smart enough to know it is a dead end in the world of White guys.

  19. I have always been saying "No" to dating someone less educated than me. Having 2 undergrad degrees as well a Master's degree in Science I was sure that in order to be successful and happy I would NEED someone with higher education as a partner. Let me tell you how wrong was I about it all😂 I am now dating someone AMAZING who doesn't even an undergraduate degree and I am happier than I have ever been ♥️

  20. My husband was exactly this! He is driven and Asian Chinese. I came from a family of hard workers with integrity. I "had" educational aspirations but they didn't pan out. To this day… I work sales and I am the best I could ever be at it. I work hard. I enjoy helping others. I put my best foot forward and do so with a level of exuding confidence and passion. My husband believes this is a very good quality in people. Doesn't matter where you work.. as long as you do your absolute best at the job.

  21. Omg yes!! Great understanding people honestly going to college won't define your success I mean look at all these successful people they were high school drop outs

  22. I usually have an instant dislike for sales types (particularly car ones) but this dude is solid. #respect

  23. always like to see mostly Asian girl's smile.. no matter wherever they grow up.. that makes me proud as an Asian.. nice video.. Love them.. wish could update them now.. 😍

  24. Interracial dating is disgusting; people need to stick to their own. It's more important to have pride in your ethnicity and to continue your people's bloodline. People have no concept of loyalty these days……..how disappointing.

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