32 thoughts on “World War II 101 – SNL”

  1. "How about everybody just read"

    Mr.Thompson you never told us what happened in Britain"

    "It does not matter how about you bring in your copy of Raiders of the lost Ark"😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. The blonde girl sitting next to Chris Rock was so cute. I don't know why she was used so rarely when she was on the show

  3. Like 50 seconds in and im getting flashbacks from US history class where the teacher would ask questions and I wouldnt know the answer because I was napping…oh no

  4. Jerry could have easily been one of the greatest on SNL. He was made for sketches instead of real acting and he totally is always on par with the cast members and perfect with his line which is the opposite of the actual current cast members. I mean they do entertain me and have great ideas to be fair but goodness they can’t get through a skit for nothing and they treat the audience like they can’t wait for the comedy and let things be drawn out instead of absolutely bizarre just so people don’t change the channel.

  5. He was a bad looking back then. Now when he laughs, you can’t wait until he stops because of the way he looks.

  6. This is just ridicolous they don’t know anything about basic World history or Geography. It is funny to begin with but toward the middel and end it gets kinda offensive toward history & geography

  7. 05:08 And guess what AOC and her pals think in 2019 – you got it, the Nazis "put up the Berlin wall" !!! In 1992, this was funny. In 2019, we reap thirty years of ignorance tolerated by schools that hand out diplomas to students who can't read them.

  8. Political nut jobs are gonna complain about political shit without even watching the video, and they don’t know it’s just some dumbass kids

  9. The really sad part — not only is this an accurate representation of students today — but these are the advanced ones

  10. It was the same party in power (Nacionales) that TRUMP PROUDLY claimed HE is: A NATIONALIST. Nacionales in German meant Nationalist; short version: NAZI.

  11. Yes ….now you are understanding, that is exactly how it is teaching you in masses , and it is a lot more than that war but yeah , instead of 12345…so on it needs to be ,one ….not won ,first isn't number two , yes number two is sometimes a metaphor for taking a dump ….to the bathroom …for dumping …back to number one,.. one is a single ……no one is not looking for a date …lol cool skit

  12. The French aren't going to be in Europe much longer because there is so much immigration in that country that the actual French are getting displaced.

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