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anyone who has taken a master class in painting music or acting knows that there is nothing quite like learning from someone who's at the top of their field in an intimate setting where Weil teaching can take place and for that reason world science U is so pleased to announce a new offering in which we are applying the master class concept to science it's for anyone whether you're a high school student or getting ready to retire rural science you master classes offer a truly unique experience where you can go on short sharply focused explorations of science guided by some of the world's most renowned thinkers and it's not just video lectures these explorations involve custom animations interactive demonstrations community discussions virtual office hours and even live sessions with the master instructors themselves imagine what it would be like to take a class with Isaac Newton or attend a seminar with Albert Einstein they are long gone of course but the great scientific thinkers of our age are here and ready to share their knowledge with you

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  1. Wouldn't the speed of light be relative to time itself?
    If someone shines light toward a target and that target was in motion.   Wouldn't the time it takes that light to reach the target change from the light’s perspective?  Wouldn't it be the target’s clock that has changed thus giving the illusion that the light was constant?  

  2. Gentlemen their is no inflation or anything else. The axiomatic frequency of light of 1 meter wavelength is 2.965E+8 cps NOT 2.9979E +8. The difference of 1.010845 is the log value of the Radius of Sun / radius of Earth orbit. Blue shift indeed . Cosmologists are making the biggest blunder of comparing 2.9979E+8 with so called red shift measurements. It will be  a blue shift if 2.965E+8 is used as base which is the axiomatic perpetual oscillation of components in space. see www kapillavastu com indes html for a complete axiomatic theory that has derived ALL MASSES from basics  –no measured inputs–it is indeed a wonder –go see it.

  3. Okay, dumb question time. Is this on the site permanently or temporarily? I leave for Boot Camp (8 weeks) and then I have 30 weeks of schooling, but I want to do this after all that. Is that possible?

  4. This is such an amazing service, it's fantastic that you're all coming together to use the internet in a truly wonderful way, inspiring and educating.  Thanks!

  5. What happened to the WorldScienceU courses on general relativity and quantum mechanics? Have they been scrapped?

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