World Learning Inc.— Creating a More Peaceful, Sustainable, and Just World

The Experiment in International Living
launched in 1932 when a group of American students crossed the Atlantic
to attend summer camp with Swiss and German teenagers. The experience transformed their lives. Three decades later, the Peace Corps
turned to The Experiment to help train its first volunteers, planting the seed
for what became the School for International Training or SIT. World Learning built on that success in the 1970s, founding a nonprofit global
development and exchange division. Today, our three distinct brands drive change
through education, development, and exchange. SIT offers global master's degrees and
certificate programs for graduate students. Most of the professors at SIT
have a lot of experience as development practitioners. Its innovative, it's
interesting, and it's exciting. And SIT offers more than 80 immersive study abroad programs for undergraduates, including international honors programs
where students compare contemporary problems across countries and continents.
SIT strives for something a little more unconventional, so to go on a program you have to keep an open mind. It's been an experience that I wouldn't ever have, were it not for SIT. World Learning's development programs put the
organization's international experience into practice, expanding access to
education and jobs, and strengthening institutions and civil society. Democratic process is not only election process or attending an election. It's
our daily life. We help people transform their communities and the world. Because of the opportunity that I've had, I am more prepared to serve my country and my people. Each year World Learning brings thousands of emerging leaders to the
United States on professional development and youth exchange programs. It was a great opportunity to see how you can learn from people, you can learn
from small acts. And after more than 85 years, The Experiment in International Living is thriving. It's the most amazing thing you
can possibly do for yourself. It gets you out of your comfort zone, but also makes you feel completely at home. I like The Experiment because of the
focus on real immersion. Changing the world is not impossible. Our education, development, and exchange programs empower people and strengthen
institutions. I think that World Learning is helping people, helping a community,
helping a country. Together, we are building a more peaceful and just world.

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