World-Class Edinburgh

Edinburgh put lots of opportunities in front of me and all I had to do was take them. There is just so much to do in this city, always something new to discover. I love exploring Edinburgh. I’ve found the people here very friendly and so much fun. The city is known for being a global innovator in so many fields, that’s what made it very
attractive. Edinburgh University is highly ranked world-wide,
it’s got such a strong academic reputation which is why I was so eager to come here. Edinburgh was always where I wanted to go to university during high school years. It’s a city with so many opportunities, it’s a city you can be yourself in and it’s
a city that challenges you. Volleyball was a huge part of my life before starting university. It’s been great playing it here as team captain. The city has given me global opportunities to build my career and I’ll always be grateful
for that. The environment here has changed me, I’ve
discovered my own independence. I’ve made a lot of friends in Edinburgh.
The Scottish people are so welcoming, they’ve made me feel part of the city. Everything I’ve wanted to do, Edinburgh made happen. That’s what university should be about. You need to be in a city that can inspire you. There are a lot of world-class universities but how many of them are in world-class cities?

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