Workshop & International Education Fair 2019

Hello, Guys! ^_^ Back it again to RP CHN This video, I came to the workshop and international education fair 2019 The venue was held at the Savana Hotel, Malang on 5 October Let’s watch the video together! ^o^ Here it is, the international education fair event, guys This event was attended by various universities from abroad such as USA, Canada, Australia, etc. Participants who came to this event were very many and very crowded, even though the event for the education fair was at 1 PM As for the workshop itself, it started at 11 PM, and by chance I arrived at 1 PM: D Participants who came to this event were not only undergraduate students, but there were also high/vocational school students who had graduated and there were even postgraduate students When I see from their faces, they look enthusiastic and curious about universities from abroad And there are even those who intend to continue their education abroad, both from high / vocational school students and undergraduate up to post-graduate level students There are also high school / vocational school students from outside city who also attended the event in order to see or continue to a higher school I came to this event and also wanted to continue my doctoral study abroad and want to know what the requirements are My goal in continuing to study abroad is to get broader and higher knowledge and insight In addition, it also wants to help people who are less able to support in terms of knowledge and change their mindset in order to improve their economy Not bad, I can help the people who are under us and we also do not be too much above and forget the people below At this hour (2.30 PM) there are still many who come and even more crowded XD Here are also polytechnics from abroad. But only for those who want more practice than theory and yes this is only for diplomas It seems that I am the only postgraduate student coming here looking for information about doctoral study abroad: D But surely there are postgraduate students like me who come here, only I haven’t found it yet Only 1 university brought foreign people to explain their university information, namely Federation University from Australia The rest of the Indonesians are all from indigenous people to Indonesian people of Chinese descent Yes, it’s really quite a lot of information from those who provide information about universities from abroad After this, I will go to the workshop / seminar class which is precisely in the next room of the International Education Fair These people are still a lot of queuing or tired all waiting Continue to the next event ^ o ^ Well here it is, the workshop / seminar that I attended too I’m really sorry, the sound was not very clear because I was sitting in the back and my cellphone volume was also low>..

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