Workplace Skills

Workplace Skills is part of the Career and
College Readiness Lesson Plan series provided by the California Career Resource Network,
California Department of Education. In this lesson, you will learn to identify 21st Century
Skills and how to develop them to be successful in school and work. 21st Century Skills describe
the abilities you will need to develop in order to be successful in your work life.
Twenty-first Century Skills can be broken into four categories: Information and communication;
Thinking and problem-solving; Interpersonal and self-directional; and Technical. Information
and communication skills are the ability to communicate clearly in writing and speaking.
Thinking and problem-solving skills include the ability to look at a problem and figure
out how to put the pieces together for a solution. Interpersonal and self-directional skills
include the ability to work in teams. Technology skills include working with computer software
on a variety of devices. So which 21st Century Skills do you already have and which ones
do you need to develop? Information and communication? Thinking and problem-solving? Interpersonal
and self-directional? Technical? This lesson and other resources are available on the California
Career Resource Network’s Web site.

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