Workman Stuns Audience With His Piano Skills

45 thoughts on “Workman Stuns Audience With His Piano Skills”

  1. The trend of professional musicians disguising themselves as 'everyday people' has completely ruined the beauty of discovering everyday peoples' inner talents. It's almost impossible to find a legit video of an amateur playing like a pro.

  2. I have been playing piano casually over 20 years and this is over my head…maybe, MAYBE with two months practice…

  3. Why are people shocked that someone can learn to play a piano and then go on to become a traffic marshal or a construction worker? Why?

  4. whats piano just two touche one black other white the betiful things are simplicity bravo l artiste et merci

  5. Every time I see this man playing piano, he has a different job than the last time but always clean clothes ….

  6. I travel through this station every day, there are some amazing piano players. Having one in the station is just amazing.

  7. What does his job has anything to do with him playing the piano? I seriously don’t understand why ppl need to feel better than others.

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