Working together as a community of learners – School Insight Series

– Students are at the
centre of everything we do. It’s really important to know the child, their name and their story. We use the Walking Bus, the
Breakfast Club, our playground, as a wellbeing program to build positive relationships and trust. The whole school focuses on wellbeing from the time they start in the morning to the time they go to Breakfast Club, starting school as a positive
place to come everyday. – [Anne] We begin in the morning by actually going into our community. – [Teacher] Hello, it’s the Walking Bus. – Our community interactions
start with the Walking Bus so it’s that interaction and
that relationship building from 7:45 having conversations,
laughing, talking, walking together to school,
eating together in the morning, sitting down, having breakfast. – The Breakfast Club has been
run for about 12 years now. We get around 25 to 30 kids a day. Breakfast is the best part of the day. Gets their brains going,
fills them up, they can work. They all know the rules, they
know what they have to do. It’s teaching them life skills. – It’s all those conversations
that build the relationships between teachers, students and community. What is really crucial is that
learning for us as a school starts from the time we knock
on the door in the morning. We can solve issues, run messages to the staff and teachers. It actually gives us a
beautiful link with families and where they’re coming
from with the students, their stories and the
conversations that we have walking to school is all
about building that community. – [Teacher] Good? – I really love to meet people
at the gate each morning. I like to go to classrooms. I love to have an interaction that actually allows people
to see I’m not the principal, I’m also a teacher too. We all work together. Everyone
as a team member is valued, just like the students. We have to know each other
for the system to work. Building that relationship
with staff is crucial for them to be able to
build the relationships in their classroom with their students. Knowing the child, knowing what they want, knowing what they like, knowing what sport they
play on their weekend, knowing who their parents are, that is really important
and crucial to know. Our parent community engagement
has built astronomically since we started the Walking Bus and linked it to the Breakfast Club. It’s that building of mutual respect between the school and our community that has really benefited us greatly. What we found as being the biggest change in building relationships is the students inviting their parents in to come and see what they have
achieved, what they have done and they have that opportunity
to teach their parents about what’s happening in the school. Children have been able to
participate more readily across the whole curriculum simply because their
wellbeing needs are being met. We also have a whole school
focus on core strength, core fitness, to have that
whole essence of wellbeing. Coupled with good eating,
walking to school, that actually gives them a real focus and a positive outlook from
the time they walk in the gate. So that wellbeing aspect allows them to completely engage
positively in the classroom. They’re actually really
keen to be here and engaged at school every day. – [Male Teacher] What do you
think of the Walking Bus? – Awesome.

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