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  1. thanks a million. can you please help me understand what this means. I am going through my forty days fast and prayer believing God for the release of spiritual gifts. just the other day I saw in my dreams so many words. the ones I can remember were, efficacy and efficacious. what does this mean

  2. I just wanted tell you thank you so much for making these videos the Lord has called me into evangelism with prophetic gifts I am so excited these videos really help a lotit is a blessing is very encouraging I understand exactly with what you were talking about in my spirit bears witness that it is true I'm so excited that God like me to y'all's videos thank you all so much and I hope that you have a wonderful blessed day

  3. Thanks I have been desiring for words of knowledge to be more effective while going out to minister healing. Mainly I have been motivated by Gods love for them and also I pick up on the obvious ones like a limp, cane, wheelchair, or a distressed look on a face. God has been touching and healing those I walked up to and I have had most of these impressions that you mentioned but I never knew to trust it and work in it. Your teaching gave me so much clarity! God bless you!

  4. Great resource of information. Thanks for spending time to break this down so practically and simply.

  5. I just felt the word of knowledge this afternoon while ministering to this lady I could sense that she was a seventh day Adventist and that gift flowed fresh like water into my heart and she was telling me how she wanted a child and the lord recommended me to have her join my church as she was telling me her story I sensed a feeling of sorrow and she told me that she cried out to the Lord and God put this into my heart telling me she needs to pray more and she will be given a child. Jason were there times when you feel a gift of knowledge does feel like cold fresh water and when a person tells there personal story do you sense a feeling of sorrow?

  6. Great teaching, Jason, thank you. I have often wondered just how to receive words of knowledge like my friends do. I receive lots and lots of encouraging words for people, usually out in the market place.  I feel His Presence beside me and I ask Him who He wants to bless today. He always highlights someone to me. I approach that person, whose heart is already prepared to receive a word from Him. Giving encouragement is easy. I get as blest by giving the word as the person does who receives it. Through your teaching, I now have another tool to use to give people a loving encounter with the Father. So cool. Thank you!

  7. Hey Jason I saw you speak at my church_gateway_ I have been really moved to reach out in love and Faith to heal and reach others but I'm still a relatively new Christian could I get your email or give u mine would love to talk to you about this it's changing my heart:)

  8. Hey Jason, what do you do if you don't feel that you get anything – either an impression/picture/pain in body area etc? This is an area I really want to grow in for the sake of evangelizing! 

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  10. I felt God's presence with joy unspeakable while watching this video. I feel activated by God's spirit to move in this gift and let God touch others in amazing ways so that they are never the same way again!

  11. My neck just pop! I felt heat in
    my back, head ace from it just left!! that's been hurts for a week. Thank U Jesus!!

  12. Thanks so much for this video!! I Really Appreciate the details!! I needed this! And I realize God does speak to me in the ways you explained! 🙂

  13. I definitely need to learn to listen to the Holy Spirit more and to leave my own agendas behind when going out into the public. Jesus is just waiting to love these people!

  14. So I get Holy Spirit impressions on my body when ministering to people or at times of intersession. Don't always think it is weird or ignore it all together. Sometimes it's for intercession.

  15. WOW… bro. thank you for this video …. please upload more video how to move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit… We also in the church practice this but we need a mentor like you… please it's helping a lot especially those who are hunger to move in the Holy Spirit just like me… Thank you very God bless you more….

  16. I get the movements. It happens in church. My hand trembles and i sometimes feel like i am being pushed. Like and angel is pushing me to prophecy.. Which i have many of times in the past… You have helped me to understand in detail the movements.. O and do i ever hear much and i get dreams and visions.. Please connect with me i need your help.. Your Sister Trina..Yes i am a Prophetess…

  17. I had a knot in my neck muscle for weeks, it left in the first exercise! Thanks, Jason, and blessings!

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