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hi everyone and welcome back to my channel in today's video I'm going to be showing you my children's wooden toy and game collection this includes games puzzles toys and all sorts of things so let's take a look so first up I have these really simple building blocks I bought these from TK Maxx they came in a great big bag and they were really reasonably priced all different colors all different shapes all different sizes and my children absolutely love them they're so simple they're not magnetic they don't click together you just build them and they are just a classic building block game for all ages next we have these wooden rainbow blocks I actually bought these from eBay and they were very cheap compared to some of the other online stores and my children like to set them up by the window and have the Sun reflecting through the different colors then we've got these stackable wooden men they come in all different colors so it's great for teaching color recognition and you can either build them up stack them up or stack them just in a line together and all my children would enjoy playing with those even my little girl who likes to put them in her mouth now this is an interesting one this is a wooden cactus toy but it's like a balancing game so you stack all the cactus bits on top of each other and it's a really great kind of fine motor skills game and for working out kind of where to slop different pieces and so on and the boys really enjoy doing this next we have these wooden stacking boxes and they have shapes on one side for you to sort out the little different blocks of shapes and numbers on the other side and they also have pictures that you can count to match the number so these are really lovely really sturdy I actually bought these from TK Maxx I think their minister and Doug but I'm not sure I shall have to check and the boys really like kind of sorting the shapes out and slotting them through the correct shape hole so another great number and shape recognition game now I bought this cute little game from Aliexpress calm basically you get this little wooden magnetic box and you can switch up the outfits from different professions and match them to the heads and so on so there's a doctor there's a builder there's an army officer and so on and the boys really enjoy playing with this actually and it's just a fun little game to kind of match different outfits next we have the classic Melissa and Doug pattern and pattern block board basically you get five different double-sided boards with different shape so trains boats a rabbit and you literally place the correct pattern shapes on to the boards so this is really educational it teaches them about shapes and matching and sorting and colors and so on and I really enjoy doing this one actually and another winner here from Melissa and Doug this is the classic c & Spell wooden vault toy it's got different words on both sides of the boards and you get all the letters that you can slot in to the words this is great even if your kid doesn't know the letters or know the words it's more of a matching game and it's a great way to kind of start off letter recognition now my kids are currently going through a robot phase they love building robots with any materials they can get their hands on and this my husband bought from Amazon this is by a brand called infinita which I can't find any more an Amazon I think they may have discontinued it but I have a look basically they're building blocks but they are designed to kind of make into a robot or make into an aeroplane and you just kind of slot them all in and it's been a great building game for the children to do also in this little clip you might notice our wooden money till in the background there this is just a really simple till abortion probe Amazon ash relief link down below but what I really liked about it was they had a built-in calculator so the boys can type out the numbers and everything and I just bought some play money separately and popped that in now on to some favorite Montessori wooden toys these far these stackable rainbows the smaller one we have is by Grim's and the bigger one is actually from Aliexpress because there was absolutely no way I was going to pay for Grimm's prices and it's just as good as the Grimm's one to be honest if not better so the children enjoy stacking those two next up we have this giant wooden Kinect for game I bought this from a pop-up learning resources shop and it was such a great price that I just couldn't say no the boys don't really play Connect four with it but they kind of get the idea that you want to slot them all in and take them all out again so we're getting there slowly but it is a really great game for adults and children alike now no wooden toy collection would be complete without a wooden train track we have track by Bree oh and also track by big jigs but usually any brand of wooden track is compatible with all the others so we also have this giant wooden garage and that kind of slots in with all of our track and also our wooden car track this is a classic game the boys love taking out the train track and putting all together and playing with their trains and because it's wooden it will last hopefully for quite some time and something that you can pass down to the next generation finally the largest toy in our wooden toy collection is this wooden kitchen this was from little when they were doing a wooden toy week promotion and it was around fifty pounds so I'd consider that to be quite a bargain because a lot of these kitchens even the plastic ones are well over a hundred pounds I've been thinking about buying the boys a kitchen for quite some time but I didn't know where to start when I saw this one in middle I just had to get it and all the accessories and things I bought separately just cheaply from different toy shops so there you go guys that was our wooden toy collection I hope that's given you some inspiration don't 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