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  2. I got kicked out of the arcade for winning all the prizes in key masters RIP my 100 dollars I still got all those gifts they thought u was hacking

  3. They took the speed demon out of my local arcade because of me. Everytime i got the wheels i got the jackpot. They refused to our more tickets in after filling them many times for me. Right i was cheating. Removed the game. The first jackpot was over 4000 tickets. Then the rest was for the 500 rest that i just kept doing over and over again. The good times

  4. U spent a hundred bucks an get two spider rings an a paper air plane…..if u see something in a arcade u want …..I'm going to save u a lot of money just buy it off ebay

  5. I don't like donuts…. My whole family likes them but I can't stand the smell or taste. But if I did like one, it would be a pillow!

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