Women’s dorm at Georgetown University in Qatar

(upbeat music) – Hi everyone, I’m Amna Salatt. I’m a sophomore at Georgetown and I’m here to show you the female
housing at Qatar Foundation. So let’s start with my room. (upbeat music) This is a single room. This is often where freshmen have to stay in their first year
and then for sophomores like me, it’s just an opportunity to be closer to the door where you have to bolt and run to the door in the morning because
the class will be here. It’s a very spacious study area. This is where I spend most,
if not all of my nights. And over here we have a
very comfortable loft area where I will often watch my TV shows or often read a book. Over here we have a small pantry and a little mini bar. Over here, we have the movable bins. You can move them around and place them anywhere in the room. So this is probably the most
exciting thing for students. It’s an AUX wire which connects to the speaker on your headboard which is also an LED light. And we also have quite spacious cupboards. And this, over here, is my bathroom. This is where I start and end my day. And right around the corner,
we have our shared kitchen. Over here, we have our recycling bins so people can easily recycle
after using the kitchen. And then we have our gigantic refrigerator and then our oven and the
rice cooker over here, our nice sink, a kettle, a
toaster, a coffee machine. Let me show you my favorite common area. This is perfect for group studying and the perfect place to relax. (upbeat music) Before we grab some breakfast, let me show you the courtyard outside. (upbeat music) Our housing cafeteria
serves three meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner, open buffet, eat as much as you want. (upbeat music) This is a prayer and study area. Thank you so much for
joining my on my tour today. I’m off to Georgetown University and hope to see you soon.

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