34 thoughts on “Women Learn To Skateboard For 30 Days • Ladylike”

  1. Been skating for 3 weeks, but I’m too worried to go out further than my street, pfft I’m proud of them to be able to go to skate parks

  2. First tip of learning how to skate is not going to the skatepark you just crowd it if you dont skate. You need to just get used skating in your local area and once you are comfortable on your board then start going

  3. Aw that’s nice I wish I could get lessons. Everything I know about skateboarding is learnt online, and in my country most people at the skatepark does scootering and bmx and I don’t really dare to ask those middle aged shirtless guys that run around on skateboards. So I still have a lot to learn. I’m currently trying to ollie!

  4. I am learning how to do tricks but I am always the only girl and everyone is starring at me and
    It’s so awkward

  5. There better than me after the month and I’ve been doing it for two months…

    *actually watches full video*


    Just there ollys ollies idc ollies are what better then mine lol

  6. I’m trying to Ollie but can’t quite get the back wheels up (they’ll come up, but not a lot, only like 4 cm) Anyone have any tips?

  7. I LOVE THIS! I recently just bought my first skateboard at 29 and have been feeling a bit self conscious! This vid was super empowering! thank you!

  8. I LOVE skateboarding but I only cruise I don’t go to the skatepark and stuff I’m too scared to do things like kick flips ;-;

  9. I ice skate so whenever some says “oh yeah i skate a lot” i think of ice skating and them when they’re talking about skateboarding i get sad

  10. So in my small town, there’s maybe 1000 kids at the highschool. A few kids skate, and most longboard, but I’m the only girl who brings my board anywhere so I’m pretty alone

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