34 thoughts on “Woman Arrested For ‘Stealing An Education’ Says College Admission Scandal Sentencing Is ‘Disgusti…”

  1. hey guys, this woman was actually sentenced to 5 years because she was selling drugs and prostituting herself, do your research before you believe what the media tells you.

  2. She knew it was wrong or wouldn't have used someone else's address. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Then drug dealing. I'm so sick of shitty people wanting to get away with things and then being angry when they get caught. 😡

  3. 12 years for changing her address so her child can attend a good school, meanwhile the rapist in thr same episode got nothing!!

  4. the education system is corrupt anyway. so they should give her an apology and be paying her reparation money for wasting her time.

  5. i dont understand, how do u steal someone elses education? last time i checked, education is for everyone and anyone is free to learn anything with education

    i guess when it comes to money, money gives ppl a walk out of jail free card even tho they were charged for a rape case eh, sheesh talk about corruption in america these days

  6. What??? What??? „Stealing an education? „ Bad mom who wants her child in a good school. Oh no wait she’s guilty because she’s black! You can’t enslaves them anymore so just destroy their life’s in other ways. America is treating black people like trash. This is shameful.

  7. It's like I've always said, "in the 🇺🇸 it's not about right and wrong, but about how much justice you can afford.

  8. All we have to do is follow the straight this system has establish and mind our own business. we'll be alright!

  9. I'm so happy that this lady is finally getting the proper publicity she deserves.. when she was first charged they should have given her help not a sentence!

  10. So many kids that I went to school with had parents doing this, it's a common thing. 2 years for the address thing is purely disgusting. Our legal system needs to be changed ASAP because that woman was no where near a threat to society while Brock Turner is a danger to women. I'm still in shock that he received 6 months for raping that woman because he was caught by two other men and ran from them showing he clearly knew what he was doing was wrong. I'm disgusted by the court system

  11. Tbh I usually dislike dr. Phil bc I feel He is exploitative at times, but this episode was awesome. Thank you dr. Phil for taking an entire episode to focus on the corruption and favoritism of the justice system. It needs to be talked about more and something has to change.

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