W&L: International Education

(bright music) Being at W&L has really taken me all around the world. I’ve gone abroad spring term to Denmark. I’ve also done the London internship program. I was also fortunate enough to go on a week trip to South Africa. For senior year I will be going to New Zealand with the geology department. We spent eight days on Ambergris Caye, which is off the northeast coast of Belize. My course takes students all the way to Nepal. We talk about gas system, from economics, from religion, from politics. We’re not only sending students to all corners of the globe, but also bringing the globe here. Welcome to the Global Service House. This is a theme house for sophomores, juniors, and even seniors to live in. Everyone who’s lived in the house has their nationality represented up on this wall. I have a housemate from Nepal, Bangladesh, Japan, Rwanda. We’re internationalizing the learning experience as much as we can. That really nurtures the sense of community and learning that’s really at the heart of the W&L education.

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