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  1. Very good lesson. I do wonder if Isaiah 28 was a little out of context. The beginning of the chapter talks about the prophets being drunk. So the question is if the prophets are drunk, who should he teach knowledge? So it goes on to say precept by precept. A precept is a rule. So you'll learn rule by rule from stammering lips and another tongue. Stammering means to stutter and another tongue could represent a foreigner. I take that to mean the person may not the perfect speaker.

  2. Please let the person read without interpreting with sounds and explinations. Maybe you can explain after the reading. It can be be very distracting. In sure others feelthe same.
    Just a positive critique. 😊

  3. Thank you for being obedient to the Holy Spirit! The Word of God came alive in me and shed light on my situation right now.

  4. thank you very much for reply back to me I am trying to. Very patience when I read the bible and I pray more to lord Jesus Christ I am doing a little better now I am trying to take it step by step thank very much for your advice and continue on your journey to reach out to other's please pray for me that I gain strength in the words of God let the blessing of the Lord continue to pour upon you and your family

  5. thank you for this lesson on wisdom knowledge and understanding when I read the bible I having problems of understanding when I don't understand I cry I just wanted to no

  6. awesome, I love the Word of God, and I need to really seek the Lord on Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding, it's so important. I have come away due to a relationship with someone which is not too smart at all on my part, but I have repented and I need God and his Word.

  7. Hello Young Brother, I enjoyed your attempt to explain wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. It seems like Solomon's prayer was for "understanding" in the scriptures that your reader read. It appears like you are using "wisdom" as synonymous as "understanding"… idk about that.

    God bless!

  8. I'm preparing a study on wisdom,knowledge and understanding it will fees your Spirit brother will send you the link when its complete.God bless your hard work you put into the gospel

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