Winter Dance Songs for Kids ♫ Learning Videos for Kids ♫ Kids Songs by The Learning Station

♫ Healthy music for a
child’s heart, body and mind – [Announcer] Snowflakes,
from the award-winning CD Seasonal Songs in Motion by The Learning Station. (rhythmic country music) – [Man] I spy. – [Woman] What do you spy? – [Man] Something in this
video changed colors. Let us know what it was in
the comment section below. – [Announcer] Click on
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36 thoughts on “Winter Dance Songs for Kids ♫ Learning Videos for Kids ♫ Kids Songs by The Learning Station”

  1. "Snowflakes" is a fun music video to enhance your seasonal theme on winter. It's an action and dance song that children love. The video includes the words making it ideal for early readers, ESL and EFL programs for children. This song is also ideal for brain breaks. This song is great for morning meetings, group activities, indoor recess and circle time.

  2. Your kiddos will have a musical blast with our fun activity song where children sing and dance as they explore a snowy winter wonderland. Special thanks to Corbett Vanoni for bringing this song to delightful animated life!

  3. If you can translate the words of this video in a different language, please click here to add subtitles as your contribution. Any little bit helps, and when the subtitle is approved and published, we will credit you in the description below the video, if we use your subtitles. Thank you!

  4. These kids are dancing away but stopped in their tracks when they noticed the hat go from red to blue! Happy Snow play! Well if we would get some. 🙁

  5. My first grade daughter Nora sings this at school with her class. She was singing it at home today so we found the video to watch it. She says that it's the boys HAT that changes color. First it was Red, then it turned Blue!

  6. My students believe that the object changing colors is a hat!! We will come back tomorrow to check in with our first prediction! -Miss D's Kindergarten class!

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