Wing chun for beginners lesson 1 – basic leg exercise

23 thoughts on “Wing chun for beginners lesson 1 – basic leg exercise”

  1. I'm here for the nostalgia ! 😎 I started 5 years ago with this course. Thank you for everything master Wong 😉

  2. I'd ask you to come train me at my home master Wong, but you'd probably steal my girl with your sweet moves and Adidas tracksuit.

  3. Master wong thanks for your video i subscribe to your channel and also your new student + i have question which style Bruce Lee used does he use wing chu style pls answer this question thanks

  4. Master wong, Is this yip man's technique ? Because I want to learn wing chun in yip man's technique ! Pls help me it is my humbled request🙏

  5. i want to become like bruce lee since he uses wing chun but i guess i wanna be like u too👍👍

  6. Mr Wong can I learn Wing Chun from an online training course that you may provide? I've seen you in action… And from what I can say as fast as you are… Mr Wong strikes like lightning and hips like thunder okay… John Connor I would be interested in learning online wing Chun

  7. Master Wong, what do you think about Yuen Kan Shan Wing Chun? People talk that IP Man was just junkie who reduced Wing Chun and created his reductionist system because Yuen Kan Shan doesnt learn him eberything, just little part of whole Wing Chun system.History of IP Man is a lie too, the really fighter from Wing Chun was Yuen Kan Shan and film makers changed just names.. Yuen Kan Shan to IP Man. IP Man history is for real Yuen Kan Shan history.

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