21 thoughts on “Will Zemo's Knowledge Of Bucky's Secrets Play Into Falcon And Winter Soldier – TJCS Companion Video”

  1. Hi John, That casting for upcoming The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Disney Streaming TV show seems great. Bringing back Emily Van Camp to reprise her role as Sharon Carter in that show was a really smart move. Seems like they are potentially positioning her to carry on the mantle of the Back Widow/ Natasha Romanov character going forward in the MCU as well. In the Captain America comic books of the 1960's & 1970's (as well as the recent Cap movies), Sharon Carter is the niece of Peggy Carter (Steve Rogers' love interest during WW2). The major differences were that Captain America was thawed out after being frozen alive for 20 years in the comics (1960's) AND that due to the then 20 year difference in age between Steve and Peggy, he chose to move on with his life and dated Sharon Carter instead. During the 1970's, Steve Rogers became a NYC Cop by day and split his free time between being Captain America and dating Sharon. It probably got a lot less coverage than Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson but there are a few CA comic books back then that showed Sharon Carter as Steve's new modern day love interest. Personally, after seeing CA 2 & CA3 movies I was hoping the MCU movies would go in gray direction once it showed Peggy's funeral and Steve & Sharon's first kiss in the Civil War movie. If Chris Evans stayed on in that role it would have great to see them get together and develop that relationship going forward as a viable alternative to the ending in the most recent Avengers: Endgame movie.

  2. We haven't seen Zemo on the big screen. That wasn't Zemo, that was "Joe Average." He had no costume, no mask, and no villianous persona. It was a joke, not unlike how all three versions we've been given of the Green Goblin have been a joke. We haven't really seen the Green Goblin on the big screen either.

  3. The Raptors wouldn't beat Golden State in the Finals, Not a fan of Golden State but im Sorry GS Are Very Well Coached Very Talented and the most important of all in any sport in the playoffs they Are Too Experienced within the Realm of those Must Win Strategic Clutch Situations

  4. Says he doesn't care for the cast names and big stars in animations. Meanwhile, gets totally excited about the cast of Dark Crystal. (not animated but, ya know)

  5. As a Mass Effect fan, I don’t understand why so many people want to see the trilogy adapted. It would effectively canonize a certain set of choices- hell, just picking Shepard’s gender would be incredibly controversial. I wouldn’t mind a prequel set during the First Contact War or something, but from my (admittedly biased) perspective, the games should stay games.

  6. Arthur: Legend of the Sword—— Like Campea, I liked this Guy Richie movie. Also, I liked the soundtrack. As a Spinning instructor I have used the song (when Arthur is running through the city) in my classes. Great tune for cardio.

  7. I think T’challa might have a cameo in Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Basically in the beginning of the series sending Bucky (as the White Wolf) to hunt down a recent escaped Zemo.

  8. Zemo was only a side villain in Civil War so obviously he didn't do much, the main villain was Stark… or Steve you choose.

  9. has john forgotten that zemo killed black panthers father and framed bucky for it?? that wouldnt have happened naturally.he set events in motion that would not have reached their conclusion naturally

  10. Zemo successfully divided the Avengers by discovering the secret behind Tony's parents, which Cap withheld from Tony. That wasn't going to happen unless someone like Zemo did the leg work to find it. The accords just got the ball rolling, as did Bucky being framed for the bombing, but the the straw that broke the camel's back was Cap not telling Tony about this. Many others failed where Zemo succeeded. His successful campaign to divide the Avengers wasn't patched up until Endgame — 7 YEARS LATER. Your lack of credit for him is bizarre.

  11. Why do you condescend Netflix by saying "straight to Netflix"? An Asian cast got to make a movie, as well as an Indian woman director and Asian screenwriters. Your cash-hungry major studios only rolled the dice on all-Asian cast once, and that was less than a year ago. Quality movies actually exist outside of the theatrical experience. Major studios only green-light theatrical films that have the potential to be profitable by a wide margin, such as horror or franchise films. Quality is not their ultimate priority, profitability is. La Llorona was SO mediocre for a theatrical release, but it made 12 times its budget. Wide profit margin.

  12. Most importantly, Dany wouldn't have burned the city if Jorah was still around. She burned the city because she lost everyone as a result of helping the ungrateful Starks, who used her to save their kingdom and then drove a wedge between her and Jon via his lineage. The Starks gained everything from learning Jon's lineage; Jon gained nothing from it.

  13. 44:04 If Mr. Phoenix loves playing the Joker so much that he breaks his 1 movie only rule?
    I’ll give it a.000000000000000000000000001% chance.

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