Will Critical Thinking Be Banned By Texas Republicans?

welcome back to the point okay for our last subject it's the one we began the show at this point takes us to the great state of Texas where the state GOP is ratified a party platform filled with lots of things that the far-right loves on their Christmas lists including a return to the gold standard go Ron Paul a ban on most taxes including corporate and in corporate taxes because they've had it tough for a long time privatizing Social Security eliminating the EPA Department of Energy and party of Education that's three Governor Perry but the plank caught a lot of flak for the paragraph i began the show reading i'm going to repeat it now at double caffeinated speed we oppose the teaching of higher order thinking skills critical thinking skills and similar programs that are similarly simply a real label of outcome based education which focus on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging as students fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority now again they have since retracted this this paragraph on critical thinking but that will still officially be a part of the platform until 2014 so Alexis I want to go to you first when I when I first heard this platform and I heard they want to take away critical thinking but add corporal punishment I thought Texas GOP once the brainwash your kids they want to beat your kids III want to know what's going on here they're retracting it did they mean it does the Texas GOP really want to ban critical thinking it would conservatives never stand for that I would absolutely hope you know they did go on record saying that it was a mistake yeah it hoped our grip yeah I mean it was instead yeah I mean you know putting an apostrophe in the wrong place at exactly i lived in austin texas for six years but Austin's the good part of Texas whatever was there that's whatever they're sexist I'm keeping it yeah I mean wow I die I mean so what is there to say well I mean this is the dark side of the right you know we hear we talk about the dark side of the left I guess which i guess is anarchists but here on the right this is to me when you hear liberal screening about fascism that they want people to be serfs I think it's because of things like this and i actually think at the top of the show I gave the state GOP credit for being honest yes critical thinking skills education does undermine parental authority they're completely right that's the point I disagree tell me I don't think it undermines the parental authority whatsoever I think it depends on how you raise your child I have no children of my own but I did pre-gig around for a long time and I've worked in social environments for a long time doing after school programs doing homework help working with at-risk youth and I'm still doing that and what it does is it enforces the opportunity to think while that child is being guided in ways that support morality but inherently inherently undermines the notion of authority no I don't think it's a bad thing i don't but i don't i disagree that it undermines authority I think more than anything else and the reason I say that is because being in that world for a long time and still being in that world it's about bringing out things allowing that discussion to take place children need discipline we all know that the psychologically on every level growing up so it's a matter of saying how do i mix and measure authority with giving you the opportunity to think and to grow and guide you in those ways so its route guidance we're going in a society where parents don't die their children so will you agree with this you an iPhone and we'll give you everything else to distract you from discovering who you are can we go off and do our own all right but you don't agree with this you don't agree with net okay I didn't think so i think it's insane exactly don't absolutely insane they would even have an ipad if they had critical thinkers we're going to the moon if yet exactly we don't we would be still debate we would have tools if we never go thinking rick is this a matter of wanting the public schools to teach obedience rather than learning I I think you're overthinking this critically I'd you know it almost isn't worthy of discussion I actually read this article a few days ago and I really thought it was I thought it was Bor words I thought it was it was comedy you know the first time I read and then I realized it was serious and I thought you know you shouldn't take it seriously but the fact that there are people out there who would craft such a paragraph you have to take it serious exactly I don't know why you wouldn't it it's disturbing it's not just one or two times I made it into the party platform now here's my question is this just a red flag to distract from the amount of shear crazy that's in there and you take this out the rest of it seem sane now then I I wonder why they even took it out because they do mean it there's no as you say if it was an apostrophe that's a mistake this is not a mistake this is how those people are thinking I guess they're allowed to but and by the way my kids think I need discipline I tell most ways I drink tonight almost women that I needed on the first date Alexis yeah but you need discipline with a paddle maybe tell me more I know here's the thing this is the wrap on the GOP that there that they are against academia that they talk about academic elites which used to be a good thing but we've seen this you know I remember when I was younger hearing Dan Quayle talk about you know academics and don't trust the academics don't trust the educated folks I've also heard it from the Khmer Rouge and other of charming foreign governments but is it true is it fair to say that the GOP is engaged in a war on academia losing war in academia I think they just view I mean this is all part of the effort to kind of be more involved in the culture because I think when you look at the liberal how liberal ideology is dispersed you know that I don't think Republicans or conservatives are very good at using arts or the culture or academia and I think when they look at you know at universities and things like that I mean that's where they think that that's you know where that message is being distant well yeah that's that's a whole day and I you know I I went to see the LBJ School public affairs for grad school and yes I mean I had professors that were very liberal but I mean thankfully I had critical thinking in school and I'm able to defend my positions I think that only makes you better and an in fairness a large subset of academia is this you know liberally oriented bubble that chews up language and spits out jobs and if you don't believe me let's have a committee to discuss it for the next six months we'll have resolutions that only we can understand an academic speak so yes I get the rap on academia but doesn't this just I mean is there any way that this side helps the GOP there is an upside to this I really do think there is look you know you have people like Michael Exeter who bright conservative but with a good brain this is what conservative thought has always been you've got something happening in the Republican Party right now which is nuts that nuts is going to take them over a cliff and when it does these are the people who are going to be there to reform that party intelligent conservatives well then go out the fear this helps push that over the cliff sooner i'd hope so i think i would probably be called a rhino but i think you would too but I II would I think it would be but I called a new breed of Republicans that are angry or meaner dumber and louder I call them the illiterate II and I'm gonna shift gears just a little bit because what you said is very resident I think that Jeb Bush coming out last month and at taking this tone of bold moderation was his Hail Mary pass to save his family's legacy let me explain when Jeb Bush endorsed to Governor Romney he did it in a newspaper a letter to a newspaper he didn't appear with him didn't do any public appearances and he came out again two weeks ago and talked about how the Republican Party is just pretty much going crazy and I thought okay Jeb is betting hardcore that mitts gonna hit a brick wall and Mitt tacking so far to the right is gonna he stuck it out that it's not gonna work and in 2016 comes jeb bush steps forward as george bush's wise older son or younger son who is going to be the same face of the new Republican race lottery right and you can tell you how many people I've heard this one that this whole primary thing was a conspiracy to set him up for 2016 really and yeah I but you just can't no you cant cannot call the summer I he is very conservative in every possible way but I find that fashion a lot of liberals said this about the John Kerry nomination that John Kerry's nomination was applauded by the Clintons to throw the fight so they have a clear playing field of 2008 are you really hearing folks say that the Jeb Bush asides from salvaging the brand name which was destroyed by his brother is this his play to present himself early as the Seine non chris Christie moderate I mean I've heard it from a few front I mean this is by no means like expertise I wanted to do I want to see your data yes I mean no I have heard from people we like oh wow this is really gonna work out well for Jeb Bush come 2016 back I mean it would be great I would love to see him run because i think i mean i like his positions on education on immigration and he does present of a moderate town that I think is missing you guys have a very deep bench 4 2016 I think yeah they do money today you got a bet on the Republican know both sides do in fairness because you've got mrs. Clinton you've got hopefully senator Elizabeth Warren oh I don't know about that it certainly seems like her husband's planning on it yeah but I don't think she is let me throw you my theory then my theory is that Rupert Murdock wants Barack Obama to be reelected because he came out this weekend it was tweeting when every time any time they let Rupert do his own tweeting wonderful things happen yeah and one of the things was he said that scientology was a creepy cult sorry tom cat i didn't say if they did I would never make fun of Scientology and neither would my beard wife and could even write and it could be even being the other thing he said was that he had met romney and that if romney was going to go up against ohs Chicago team that he had to get better advisers and get some pros in there and of course a couple days later Eric Fernstrom tells the truth and gets creamed that uh Fox News began as the hate Clinton network and then they spent six years as the bushes great network then they spent two years as a defender at work now they've had three successful and lucrative years as the hate Obama network the week barack obama was inaugurated hannity and o'reilly were given four year deals do you think Rupert Murdock wants to spend the next four years do you think Roger Ailes wants to be the defender Omni network for the next four years thank you I mean I definitely think we've been look at the Obamacare decision but lo haga for business that's been for conservatism 4.2 million anyway yeah and hate is good business I don't know I gotta turn the the how what a patriot I am as a liberal voice on Fox News do you know how good it would be for me personally if obama loses oh look at me a bit rubbings president i'm gonna buy a boat I'm a flitter I me Obama's our first none but they own president they had a raging he's so hard to make fun of it they're gonna need a tack dogs like crazy because will you have to go in defense it ain't good for ratings exactly and that's what a Romney presidency threatened by Fox News terrible for Fox you can see it in their reign and they hate him right come on let's talk seriously we have we have a wonderful brilliant problem because I did work for rudy giuliani another special campaign so another moderate Republican who was punished for ya so I I don't really have good good feelings towards Ronnie but oh yeah I don't nor do most and IIIi don't think it's like a big conspiracy but I mean I definitely don't think it would hurt their bottom line if if obama was reelected I don't think so at all and I think that's half the plan and I won't but however that being said six states will decide this election and a lot makes dollars and cents and it's gonna be a lot of anti obama ads poured through citizens you know she'll wish young at a news station in one of those six dates oh my god can you imagine and unfortunately we don't have critical enough thinking with it with our jump people on the positive side and it on an illuminated side enough to be the judges in their own decision-making when it comes to when it comes to voting welcome having information then let me finish out this segment since we're talking about moderation and their hopes for the Republican ticket ask you guys who do you think governor romney's running mate should be or will be and I'd like to start with you Alexis I'm going to go out and throw out Rob Portman hmm I think he's he's a he's well respected in the Senate I think he's got a great record on immigrant he's actually done more for immigration reform that I think a lot of Democrats have which I don't think a lot of people know that about him but uh I wouldn't be surprised if he if he's the nominee and it's a huge swing state and charisma why's he makes Mitt Romney look like Lil Wayne I'm right there with you it could have been Tim Pawlenty he said too many things that have irritated Romney I absolutely agree it will be senator Portman however it will not help him carry Ohio no it won't and i think tim Pawlenty got his reward by quitting going to work for romney and having romney pay off all of his campaign to right and i'm gonna say little way little weight haha don't make me have to change my vote well there's a lot of good choices out there i mean i'd love to see if you sarah pale and I'd love to see nikki Haley I love the sandy Condoleezza Rice I'd love to see if any of these guys it won't be chris Christie they will not have to northeast moderates although Christie will run for president 2016 would hog the stage have stopped and when I talk to says it's not going to be Rubio I think the smart choice is someone that will never be the guy that would help me Romney with evangelicals who despise him and that's Mike Huckabee but however my car if he has a very cushy job at box and Mike Huckabee hates Mitt Romney but I do think that ticket could smash sure when one sleeper name please John soon John Thune should have run for president should look and what I gotta can I degree of doing it okay we want to know what y'all think we've covered a lot of areas here so please let us know comment below you

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  1. Parents should encourage intelligence and critical thinking. It also underminds fixed beliefs. How is that wrong?

  2. Critical thinking underminds parental authority only if the parents are stupid. Stupid people shouldn't have children in the first place, so…

  3. Yeah… But if they pay these morals N laws of no fn reason to confirm it's shameful just not to beat with. Now divert them N it hi away. Focus on heavy crimes N… Texas is next to
    Alabama.. Not someone intar state
    Of mind that interact with a bother independent from
    That relate to them communication factors uncommon between as extended self mare reach out… interfiction relations. Definitions out of order. Justicesystem
    Not sponsored by them cognitively spared from the process..
    Van n think whatever. Can't believe. Ain't right. But dont think a huge migration yours to relocate N evacuate if W
    Xoect the people to Follow rules not within reason can live with. Waste of status.

  4. They are , for all intents and purposes not very different to the repressive and regressive Taliban.Lets call a spade a spade.

  5. this is such a load of shit, iam in favor of teaching critical thinking skills like logic deductive and inductive reasoning and the like. But as usual the left's definition of critical thinking has nothing to do with critical thinking and more to do with indoctrination. The left can not pass off their rubbish onto adults so as usual they mean to ambush kids with their nonsense.

  6. black woman… you know ur not a slave anymore right? you don't need to suck up to the white man saying shit like "brainwashing is good"

  7. If Texans only care about God, Jerry Jones and high oil prices, does it matter that they are incapable of higher order thinking? They like it that way.

  8. Most Important Skills Employers Look For In New Hires:
    1. Teamwork skills – 44%
    2. Critical thinking skills – 33%
    3. Oral/written communication – 30%

    Texans can count on their children getting jobs that involve teamwork, talking and organizing information. Sounds like a job on Fox and Friends and that's about it. That's three jobs – what about the rest of the kids.

  9. There's actually a silver lining to Texas' ridiculously right wing government – it has enabled a healthy economy even when much of America was hit by recession, which has created a jobs magnet for people from all over the country – most of them more liberal than native Texans.

    Dems and GOP voters are about equal in Texas, but the macho cowboy culture won't elect anyone it sees as a weak intellectual. The influx of Hispanics to Texas matters too, they tend to be more religious/conservative.

  10. One of the panelists made the comment that critical thinking was learning how to defend your point of view. I disagree. Critical thinking is about thinking critically, about arguments being presented to you as well as your own point of view. Maybe, just maybe, you are wrong. To think critically is to be able to step back from a conversation or point of view and analyze the NATURE of the conversation as well as the truth of the assertions. Sometimes a "point of view" is just incorrect.

  11. Creationism taught in schools – check
    Banning critical thinking now – in progress?
    This pattern suggest mandatory lobotomies are actually the next step. What's funny is that they could have saved a lot of time and money in legal procedures if they had just made lobotomy the first step.

  12. I live in Texas and I'm not really worried. The only way they would truly ban critical thinking is if they surgically lobotomized every Texan citizen. Truly intelligent people will not cease to be intelligent just because their government says not to.

  13. because that is what the Republicans really are, so they say Obama is to draw the attention away from their actions. They say the same thing for every argument and criticism, "I know you are, but what am I". Have you also ever noticed how they always think every left leaning person worships Obama? That is because they were the ones who kissed Bush's ass and worshipped him, so they automatically assume the other side feels the same way.

  14. Wow, I didn't think Texans could get any more ridiculously stupid. What the hell is in the water in that state? Do they still make pipes out of lead or swim in mercury? It is hilarious how they claim to be about freedom but stand for control, greed, deception, and control of information.

  15. Amen, she's from Mad TV and used to look AMAZING. I don't know what the hell happened here…aggressive bald trainwreck, but I'm glad she's trying to give back. Hopefully she wears some kind of skull accessory while doing this or she's causing more harm than she's curing imo.

  16. There's no such thing as "authoritarian Marxism"–only fascism. Countries like North Korea are wolves in sheep's clothing, but they don't define Marxist theory.

  17. If we can't prove that earth is more than 6000 years old (which we can, and have), then by the law of inverses YOU can't prove it isn't.

    It works both ways.

  18. that this isn't being reported all over the news speaks to how our media has been captured by corporate interests

  19. Debra Wilson is looking insane in her mannerisms and goes completely off-topic. Rick Ungar is completely wrong as well. "This isn't worthy of discussion." It's TOTALLY worthy of discussion. They WANT you to be apathetic about it. If you're being apathetic about them trying to undermine democracy and freedom and pluralism, GET OUT OF LIBERAL POLITICS.

  20. Whoah! Debra Wilson's remarks are undermined by her aggressive attitude. She seems kinda crazy.

    However, back to topic: as Cenk would say OF COURSE. This is Political Science 101. Democracies are characterized by free flow of information, high criticism of the state, separation of powers (with checks on all powers) and the rule of law. The US as it stands and the way it is going, lacks ALL of these characteristics, and therefore is seeming less and less like a liberal democracy every day.

  21. “Think like we tell you to think. Read only what we tell you to read. And the lack of truth will make you less free.”

  22. I was referring to the staring/blinking while the host is talking. She's not even looking at the person talking.

  23. That what I was saying from the beginning. It's like, Umm….guys? This is TEXAS. You're putting too much thought into it. …WAY too much thought. Quote:

    "We oppose the teaching of higher order thinking skills (HOTS) (*Values Clarification*) […] which focus on *behavior modification* and and have the purpose of *CHALLENGING THE STUDENT'S FIXED BELIEFS AND UNDERMINING PARENTAL AUTHORITY*."

    Plus it's fucking TEXAS. It could NOT be more obvious. You guys thought WAY too hard on this one. lo!

  24. The problem with teaching critical thinking is progress can't be accurately assessed with multiple-choice tests. And that's all schools care about anymore, rote learning that can be assessed with tons of fucking tests.

    Critical thinking was already on the rocks because it makes kids think and speak up and ends up making the teachers work more.

  25. Urgh, then we'd have to deal with all these Texan illegals crossing the border to steal our jobs and STILL refusing to comprehend the irony of their situation…

  26. Yes. Kids whose parents don't have the time or training to teach it themselves, or the money to send their kids to the private schools that would still be decent due to being exempt from these asinine requirements.

  27. If Texas runs off on it's own, the US would stop sending federal money, would close down all military bases and repatriate all US-owned weapons and resources. Non-Texas-based companies that have plants in Texas would fight to rework their contracts with the former state, the end result would almost certainly be them paying less to continue having their products made there, as Texas would no longer have US regulatory laws or authority.

    Texas would be eaten alive by Mexican drug cartels. KARMA.

  28. Not just religion, critical thinking undermines any programming children may have been subject to previously. It teaches them to think things out for themselves, and that the line given them by their church, parents, organization, etc, needs to bethought about.

    Just the thought of inadvertently helping young people realize that "because i say so" is WEAK SHIT is enough to terrify a lot of people.


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