Will China Invade Australia?

On April 15th, 2018, three Australian warships
were travelling through international waters in the South China Sea, on their way to Vietnam.
Out of the blue, they were confronted by the Chinese navy and warned away. It is the latest event in years worth of increasing
tensions between China and Australia. Australian air force planes have been challenged by China
before. This was the first time the Australian navy had been confronted. Australian Prime
Minister Malcolm Turnbull confirmed that relations between the two nations have frozen. Will
this escalate to war? Will China invade Australia? If he wanted to, President Xi Jinping certainly
has the manpower to invade Australia. The People’s Liberation Army could stomp
all over Australia’s military. Both countries spend about 1.9% of their GDP on their military,
but where this amonts to $25 billion spent on Australia’s military, it translates to
$215 billion spent by China. As a result, the PLA boasts 2.3 million active personnel
and another half a million in reserve, compared to Australia’s 77,000 active and reserve
personnel. China’s land, air and sea forces are literally hundreds of times bigger than
Australia’s. Its navy is large enough to surround the Australian continent, and Australia
has nothing to combat the thousands of Chinese fighter jets and tanks that would attack its
shores. If China wanted to wipe Australia off the map, it could deploy its 260 nuclear
warheads – Australia could not retaliate, because it has no nuclear arsenal. However, Australia is too far away and too
big to invade easily. Supply lines from mainland China would be very overstretched and vulnerable
to attack at sea from Australia’s allies. An alternate war strategy might therefore
be for China to try to choke Australia by attacking its ships. As of 2017, the CIA ranks Australia’s merchant
navy as the 39th biggest in the world. This means it is not big enough to meet Australia’s
needs. If China were to attack Australian shipping, they would almost certainly end
up attacking American, British, Canadian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Indonesian, German,
Kuwaiti ships and sailors. This is not to mention the fact that Australia is a member
of NATO, which means that an attack on Australia would be considered an attack on 28 other
countries. Such an alliance would be obliged to retaliate
by attacking China. So delicate are the tensions between the East and the West, it is easy
to see how, by attacking Australia, China could quickly spark World War 3. Xi Jinping knows to avoid this. Instead, he
may be targeting Australia with subtler weapons. In April 2018, academic Clive Hamilton told
the US Congress that China is waging psychological warfare on Australia. He claimed China was
subjecting Australia to a campaign of “subversion, cyber intrusions, and harassment on the high
seas”. Hamilton recently wrote a book about what
he called China’s Silent Invasion – but before it went to print, the publishers withdrew
it because of “threats to the book and the [publishers] from possible action by Beijing”.
After that, other major publishers expressed interest but also backed out for fear of China.
Hamilton says, “The shadow cast by Beijing over Australia is now dark enough to frighten
a respected publisher out of published a book critical of the Chinese Communist party.” That shadow takes the form of a disturbing
level of control exerted by the Communist Party over Australian media and politics.
In 2015, an investigation by Reuters identified at least thirty-three radio stations in fourteen
countries that are part of a global radio network structured in such a way as to hide
the fact they are owned by the Chinese government. This global media network, including Beijing-controlled
social media like WeChat and Weibo, filters out anti-China stories in the news. In Australia,
journalist Peter Cai says posts and articles are “censored and deleted all the time…
due to the Chinese government’s ability to control key information portals.” China
has taken this even further by investing in Australian media. As a result, news outlets
are already censoring anti-China content. Australian-Chinese relations specialist John
Fitzgerald says this is a passive approach in which “Media compliance comes about chiefly
as a result of commercial pressures.” This is all part of a wider strategy China
has developed in the past decade. In 2009, the Central Propaganda Bureau director, Liu
Yunshan, said, “In this modern era, those who gain advanced communications skills, powerful
communication capabilities, and whose culture and values are more widely spread, [are] able
to effectively influence the world.” More shockingly, December 2017 saw the culmination
of a political scandal in which China was paying Australian politicians for influence.
In response, Australia banned donations by foreigners to Australian political parties.
In retaliation, China is now refusing entry to Australian ministers for business and political
trips. As Prime Minister Turnbull said, “”Foreign powers are making unprecedented and increasingly
sophisticated attempts to influence the political process, both here and abroad.”” But why is China doing this? China says it has been provoked by Australia.
In November 2017, the Australian government recognised China is challenging the US’s
position as the dominant power in the Indo-Pacific region, and is “concerned by the unprecedented
pace and scale of China’s activities… Australia opposes the use of disputed features
and artificial structures in the South China Sea for military purposes.” China claims virtually the entire South China
Sea, including busy international sea lanes and potentially huge undersea deposits of
oil and gas. To this end, China has constructed seven artificial islands with airstrips and
military bases. In 2015, ten countries, led by the US, condemned China’s activities.
In 2016, Beijing ignored an international court ruling to stop its activities in the
South China Sea. Former Chinese ambassador to Australia, Fu
Ying, retorted, “The West is too arrogant and must stop lecturing us and trying to change
China. Unless you can accept China as it is, there is no basis for a relationship.” Malcolm Turnbull then implied China was using
“coercion, corruption and intimidation” to get its way. But as Clive Hamilton says, “Beijing knows
that it cannot bully the United States… so it is instead pressuring its allies.”
Australia is a prime target because, in China’s words, it has become a “distant propaganda
outpost” for America. All the same, it seems unlikely that China
will invade Australia in the traditional sense. China is Australia’s largest trading partner,
and the comparatively small nation won’t risk provoking the red behemoth much further.
As John Fitzgerald says, “It’s difficult to see any future for Australia that does
not involve China in a big way, whether it is in trade, services, investment, regional
security, cultural exchange [or] migration.” Conversely, China won’t risk sparking a
war with the entire world over the South China Sea. Rather, it plans an invisible invasion:
it wants to turn America’s allies, so they sympathise with its territorial ambitions.
At some point, China will feel ready to make its final move. Quite what that will lead
to – whether world war or victory for Beijing – is uncertain.

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  1. CORRECTION: In this video, we inaccurately state that Australia is a member of NATO.

    Australia is a major ally of NATO and contributor to NATO military operations. It is also a major ally of the US and Israel. NATO nations would not be obliged to militarily respond to a Chinese invasion of Australia. However, as a major ally, NATO member states would be very likely to respond in some form.

    We think this might make it more likely China would invade… What do you think?

    Thanks to everyone who noticed our mistake!

  2. I would love the USA to help Australia destroy the Chinese. China needs to be wiped from the planet.

  3. At least a Nuclear Holocaust will give the rest of Nature a chance. Might sort out Global warming too. And we will see what Evolution will cook up. Watch this (smoking) space.

  4. The governing major parties sympathise with China, they’d happily oblige for any economic advancement that would benefit us minimally. Seriously though we need a Donald Trump BAD!.

  5. The question that is missing is why, without answering the question why this is propaganda. In the United States our Republican party gladly accepts money from Russia as well as others and sell themselves to the highest bidder. We don't call it a scandal we call it business as usual. So you video is just propaganda to influence people to believe that China is all bad and you are all good. Poppycock, we call the government of China Communism, communism is a theory and as defined has it does not exist, in China they have a one party democracy like they had in Rome and now with the life time appointment a Supreme dictator. Australia has political problem that was started in support of the stupid policies of Donald Trump. You should be smarter than that, but alas I guess you believe that Greed is good and we should worship the rich as gods.

  6. well now i'm scared, if china does this with all of America's allies then she's a sitting duck. SOMEONE GIVE ME REASSURANCE

  7. I am not a conspiracy theorist at all but I can clearly see that history will end up repeating itself in the not too distant future ! The stage has been set and it is now unavoidable due to our complete ignorance and the greed of our so called leaders . They will realise they have compromised our safety when their children are being slaughtered along with the rest of us at the hands of the PLA !! Make no mistake it's coming , the Chinese have a plan and they are so far achieving it unopposed ! We will see massive conflict when the Yanks finally wake up to themselves and push back which , in turn , will spell disaster for all mankind ! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I am ready , are YOU ???

  8. If they attack us they're losing a giant mineral asset we have giant mines and our allies would invade them and ww3 would happen and they don't want that

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  10. Invade Australia? for what? Saltwater Crocodiles? Great white? or Tasmanian Devil and Kangeroos. We cannot best the Australians in surfing or bartending or Cricket. We just want to sell phones and buy their farm produce and minerals.

  11. China couldn’t do anything, they have a big army yes, but do they have experience with wars? No! So really they couldn’t do anything

  12. They have sold over 25% of Tasmania to Chinese in a couple of years never to return.
    Well done stupid Australia

  13. Periodically the Australian government issues a defence "white paper" which explores all kinds of possibilities including an full blown invasion of Australia. Ever since WW2 the only country capable of effectively invading Australia is the USA simply because it's the only country with the logistics to maintain a large force over long ocean distances. To effectively invade Australia you need to occupy the south east corner, there's nothing but desert and a few mines in the north west. Believe it or not a million Chinese conscripts carrying a few days rations each is not going to go well with invading Australia when you can't resupply them.

  14. I'm lookinn forward the the legitimate government of China, currently in Taiwan, making a triumphant return and ousting the communists.

  15. Their already taking over u silly cunts. U just don't see it or don't want to and Turnbulls arse is chocka block full of Chinese jizz.

  16. Nuke up Aussies and set up as top dogs wi solar panels etc,u got plenty sunshine doon there,simples huh ?


  18. …. Bahá'u'lláh further said, 'My purpose in coming to this corrupt world where the tyrants and traitors, by their acts of cruelty and oppression, have closed the doors of peace and tranquility to all mankind, is to establish, through the power of God and His might, the forces of justice, trust, security and faith. For instance [in the future] should a woman,who is unsurpassed in her beauty and adorned with the most exquisite and priceless jewels, travel unveiled and alone, … in all countries, there would be such a standard of justice, trustworthiness and faith on the one hand, and lack of treachery and degradation on the other, that no one would be found who would wish to rob her of her possessions or to cast a treacherous and lustful eye upon her beauteous chastity!…”Through the power of God I shall transform the peoples of the world into this exalted state and shall open this most great door to the face of all humanity." (Adib Taherzadeh, The Revelation of Baha'u'llah v2, p. 141)

  19. This is a bit old video in the fast pace of change in the world nowadays, but congratulations for the most retarded video on YouTube in at least a year!!!
    What on earth would China do with Australia? Enslave its population to make t-shirts for the western market? As you all well know, more lebensraum doesn't apply in the modern world.
    The notion that China would want to invade Australia is just and Australian wet dream to make them feel much more important in the global world order than they are.
    China gives the rats ass about Australia and NZ. The only reason that these countries even are on the world map is that they are extensions/proxies of the US.
    Australia has a large trade surplus with China. Why bite the hand that is feeding you?

  20. Hell no ! China been trading in the Asia Pacific region for two thousand years and has not conquered any nations. However, when the European came to Asia to trade and within two years begin to colonised every nation. Just saying..

  21. Australian navy docked in china last year and chinese navy just docked in sydney. the relationship is fine.

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    Their ancestors its self is invader and massacred aboriginal peoples in aus…
    Pure propaganda against China!

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  25. GL USA will come in and I am sure China is a paper tiger. AUS is way more advanced and they are our friends. China has starving people and no experience.

  26. Educating the weak minded with this garbage is typical. What about the WAR IN AMERICA?
    War is happening on American soil NOW. As true fact of history. From 1965-2015 more Americans were shot and killed by AMERICANS in AMERICA, than in ALL the wars Americans have been involved in, EVER!….Including the Civil War…Hard to believe ? It is a fact…14,600 Americans died on home soil in 2018… All the statistics are easy to find…Denial is the usual escape for those who can’t handle the ‘non-Hollywood reality’….REALITY CHECK ~ 2014 – 2017, you’re not told that 56,787 American Men, Women and children were shot and killed in AMERICA!! In just 3 years..

  27. Stop posting videos about bush food & survival in Australia, make it hard for them the live & we will win. Use the land againest them. The land it's self is our strongest ally. Always has been, Always will be.

  28. There are a lot of Chinese doing business in Sydney and can't speak english. Chinese Inteligence???? Perhaps yes.

  29. Hey buddy here in Australia we have warships that shoot nuclear bombs out of the sky so get your fucking facts straight before dissing our country

  30. China will not start a war unless necessary. They're peace loving, civilised ppl who only seek for wealth and prosperity.

  31. Even if China did go ahead to invade Australia it would be impractical and a waste of manpower and resources, not only that to conquer the whole country they will need to cross a vast desert which will pose huge logistical challenge for a Chinese army. The Imperial Japanese Army considered it during World War II but dropped the idea altogether. Chinese navy even though larger than Australia's is largely inexperienced in naval warfare (China has never been a naval power in its entire history). So even if they dared to send in 1 million troops half of them would end up dead in the desert as they try to get to Perth or the East coast from Darwin – the most likely and closest place for an invasion from the north) for lack of water and fuel for the vehicles. Landing troops on the East Coast would be difficult (too far away from the homeland and there is New Zealand and New Caledonia at the rear from which the US and France as allies can attack easily). Invading from Perth is similar problematically – too far anyway and not much point as the capital is on the East Coast separated by vast deserts. Good luck China if you try, it will be the end of you as a global power…

  32. China: Let's invade Australia !

    Australia: … Outback (desert) swallows millions of Chinese troops… slurp!… tastes like sweet and sour chicken…

  33. If China try to invade Australia, i’m pretty sure they can easily do it but it will spark WWIII. Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Hongkong, Taiwan, not to mention UK & USA they will have to deal with & i’m sure India & South Korea will be against them too. It’ll be the world against them. Nobody i know like Xi Jingpin, lots of people hate him. So let’s see what billions of Chinese can do against trillions of soldiers from all these countries. Russia’s Mr. Putin hates him too, i’m sure Russia will get involved too against them. Now let’s see how they can survive if he start WW!!!

  34. Australia has a good relationship with Asia and Asia has a good relationship with China so what will happen is they will invade North Korea Germany but both country’s don’t know that we will invade them

  35. We just need to quit kicking the can down the road an drop the hammer now. China wont invade formally…. not without very very good reasons because if it causes other major powers to start gearing up there is no stopping that train.

  36. China will invade one day.
    Australias to caught up in bending over backwards to Islam and popping pills and get drunk all the time.
    Australians think kangaroos are gunna defend them.

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  39. Nukes would blow Australia in parts but will effect the world…including China sooooo better off not doing it ALSO America would have to get involved and then other countries would join in causing World War 3 so not attacking would be a great idea if you don’t want world war 3

    Like if you thought about this

  40. It’s VERY unlikely China would attack Australia…WHO THE F WOULD AUSTRALIA IS NOT A THREAT TO CHINA…who would I know Australia has a lot of recourses but in about a few months all of it would’ve already been dug up then Australia would be almost useless #AUSTRALIAMATTERS

  41. Australia has allready been invaded/controlled by the US/Zionist juggernaut. Guess it's fried rice instead of apple pie

  42. I don't see anything special about China they have a lot of troops because it's overpopulated it's about quality not quantity

  43. Impossible for chipmunks to invade Australia. It will take a dozen (12) nuclear bomb to clear china from the face of the earth.

  44. Unfortunately, Chinese access to the foreign network is restricted, otherwise 1 billion netizens will sweep all software comment areas around the world.😏

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