Will a Walmart Huffy survive a Downhill Mountain Bike Trail? | Skills with Phil

it's well-known throughout the cycling community that Walmart cuts costs by using cheaper materials to keep their prices low to a non cycling enthusiast these bikes seem to be a more reasonably priced alternative to their bike shop counterparts so this brings up the question is Walmart's reputation merited and how would a Walmart bike survive on a real trail well to find out I took a trip down to my local Walmart this is a huffy carnage it's a for suspension fat tire mountain bike that cost me $179 now I have to be honest huffy did a good job making a great-looking bike and keeping up with the latest mountain bike trends they did such a good job that most people didn't realize that this bike was a huffy until I mentioned it on the other hand this bike weighs 55 pounds the fork already had a little play in the brakes weren't set up properly I did a quick tune-up of the bike to make sure the handlebars stem and other components were tight and after a rigorous parking-lot test for skids wheelies and bouncy bouncy x' was time to see if the huffy carnage lived up to its name now I should mention I have a lot of experience riding bikes in places they weren't intended to be ridden but for some reason riding a bike of unknown quality down dangerous terrain made me a little uneasy when I got to the top I was starting to get a little nervous and the better half of me was telling me this might be a bad idea but satisfy your viewing pleasure I'll take one for the team so just sit back and enjoy the show we'll see how far I make it Oh God even though the bike sounded like loose change in the fork felt like a jackhammer the fat tire is made for a pretty comfortable ride they largely made up for their lack of real suspension and dampened the roughness of the trail which came in handy since the brakes weren't exactly doing their job by the time I had gone halfway down I had already worn through half of the brake pads and in David's words it smells like burning a rubber smell it smelled like a truck tire blew up from here on down the trail consists of big jumps up to 35 feet in length my downhill race bike this should be smooth sailing on this bike it was a slightly different story even though I had thoroughly tightened the handlebars two bolts was not nearly enough to prevent the Bart's moving this in turn caused me to crash to be honest I was expecting the crash but not on easiest part of the trail at this point the bars had become loose and they're also completely bent the fork was leaking oil and also twisted the front brake had mysteriously stopped working and the back brake wasn't particularly useful now a smaller person would have seen the writing on the wall and decided to walk the rest of the way down but I was determined and wanted to see just how far I could push my lot maybe I shouldn't do anything stupid I headed back down cautiously I had to keep rotating the bars which added a challenging element to the ride I was also slightly worried that big impact from landing a jump might snap the handlebars lower down the trail things started to get a little hairy both brakes had completely stopped working and how it's going much faster than I was comfortable with given the circumstances what brakes do you thing I am pulling my brakes as hard as I can and I can't slow down at this point I couldn't slow down so I had no choice but to commit to the jumps I even started clearing a few after a few close calls and soiled undergarments I'd finally emerge from the woods I have never been so happy in my life to reach the bottom of a trail so what's the verdict well the huffy carnage definitely lived up to its name but overall for the price it's hard for me to hate this bike I mean this bike didn't mostly survive a rundown a double black diamond mountain bike trail something I don't think this bike was designed to handle even though this bike said it was trail rated I don't think huffy had this in mind now I definitely don't recommend going out and buying this bike with that being said for the price range it is a pretty cool little bike and I definitely had fun riding it now if you're seriously thinking about getting into mountain biking out highly recommend spending a little bit more money on something that was designed for handling this kind of abuse if you want to see the full helmet cam run of this video I'll leave that in the description below if you're wondering yes this video was inspired by my friend Seth bike axe who did a similar video on a Walmart bike I'll also leave a link to his videos in the description below and lastly I want to give a huge thanks to my friend David Khan for following me and filming me as I went down to mountain on this contraption as always my name is Phil Metz thanks for playing bikes with me today and I'll see you next time you

31 thoughts on “Will a Walmart Huffy survive a Downhill Mountain Bike Trail? | Skills with Phil”

  1. If you're looking for a bike that is reasonably priced that can handle this kind of riding check out this video.


  2. I like this video. It shows with some tact a walmart bike can survive the trail. It wont be performance quality.

  3. Literally all bikes would survive a downhill track if you know how to ride properly and know your bike’s limits.

  4. I'd swap out the entire front end and breaks with quality parts don't say it's not doable cause iv done it with similar bikes from Walmart

  5. I’ve jumped a shitter bike 4feet in the air and the front breaks locked up and the shifter few off at the same time.

  6. Please upgrade “Huffy,” Geo tested Frame. With slight upgraded parts. Except, change Rims for Disc brakes. Stem, & toward ceapest Suntour front fork. Don’t forget prices. Take off Huffy sicker & say it Chinese knock off

  7. I saw "Huffy Carnage" in the title and didn't realize that was the name of the bike. I thought at first it meant that you just destroyed a Huffy.

  8. You should put the good parts off your other bike on it, forks, brakes, wheels, stem/bars, cranks, derailuers and try it again.

  9. Lol I bought a 150 dollar bike and it doesn’t do those weird brake sound and handles better and is more comfortable

  10. The front fork on my Mongoose Excursion from Walmart started to leak oil a year ago and I had the bike for 2 years now going on 3 years

  11. I have a Walmart huffy trail runner.. but yours is fkn fire! The one your riding wasn't there. If it was I would've bought it! I love the yellow! I'm saving for a real mtb

  12. “Huffy Carnage” will live up to its name

    Minutes later

    Wait he asaid that too

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