Wikipedia in Education 2 of 12 What was your first Wikipedia article

people in Hong Kong they do not really understand like how it works like for Wikipedia they think like that website just exist on I like just exist and they don’t know they can add it on Wikipedia they just with the information they need at first I didn’t know that Wikipedia is free to add it and soon after registering I began editing articles about different theaters and theater seems i first did edit Wikipedia as a student although I didn’t even use my username I worked with another student and I was in college one of my instructors really felt that the women Native American writers that we were studying were underrepresented so we had the option to add it back when I was a second year student difficulty of language I had a professor her name was mud walk with it and she was teaching me translation and she told us about the program and that we get the chance to practice translation and I wassup I was a little bit of a nerd so I didn’t really get the time to join any activity outside 13 so oh when I heard about this activity I really like them because it gave me the opportunity to practice translation and have fun at the same time in 2010 I was like surfing through the internet looking for a particular topic particular cues in in India but there was no article about that particular dish so I thought why not go ahead and create an article myself do you remember your first article yeah it was do you know what a lichen is likened is a sort of a fungus an algae at the same time so that was the first article I brought and I later turned into very long article with many books cited and all the details in wow that’s so cool it’s it’s it’s quite cool but also a bit nerdy I took a illegal cab and I was deceived by the taxi driver and I got really angry and I just figured out there’s no no documentation on Wikipedia and then I just try to collect ola references and ola legal documents on why you cannot use this kind of taxi in 2011 Wickham mania which is our global conference was in Israel in Haifa and a good friend of mine who was a Wikipedian suggested that I come and I was already part of them a global open open access open open knowledge movement and I came to the conference and I heard lectures about glam wiki and Joaquin education and that was it I was hooked you

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