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– My internet newsfeed is mostly crap. I try to be smart, right? And discern what I’m
reading online and make sure that it’s lining up with
truth, but for the most part, it seems like everyone has an
agenda or everything’s biased. So how do you figure out what’s real? A technique that I used to
use was I would read something on one side of the aisle and
then I’d go read something on the other side of the
aisle and then I would assume that the truth is in the middle. Truth is truth. It doesn’t have to be on that spectrum, it’s its own separate thing. Recently I’ve been
tricked a couple of times. I’ve seen a story and I’ve read about it and was like, ooh, that’s
pretty interesting. And the more I dig, the more
I see this narrative happening and then suddenly a couple
of days later, it comes out that what I was reading wasn’t true, even though a lot of
people thought it was. If I can be fooled by a
story like that from a couple of different sources, how much
is getting through my filter? What’s even scarier is
I share things online. So how much of the stuff
that I share is not true? Like, am I part of the problem? ‘Cause I wanna be a good guy, I wanna be, like, part of the solutions. So here’s how it works in engineering. If there’s a process
that’s failing, you find the root cause of that
failure and you try to fix it. In this case, my failure is the ability to discern fact from fiction online. There’s a well respected
nonprofit school for journalism, it’s called the Poynter Institute. And they are the experts
for good journalism. Poynter has created this
program called MediaWise, and it’s supported by
Google to help people learn how to see what’s true and
what’s not true online. I’ve partnered with
MediaWise to make this video to figure out how I can
help myself and other people learn how to separate
fact from fiction online. As part of this partnership
I traveled to Austin, Texas to talk about misinformation
online at South by Southwest. I want to introduce you to Katy Byron, who runs the MediaWise project. This is Katy. We’re buddies.
(Katy laughs) And she’s been a journalist for 15 years. The goal here is to get
people more intelligent about how they use the internet, right? – Yes. – Katy is smart, she
really knows her stuff. And she told me there’s three easy steps to figuring out if
something is true online. To see this is in action
I pulled up a tweet I knew Katy would personally like. She’s a third generation
journalist, so I tried to pull at her heartstrings and show her a tweet that made journalists look really good. Let’s see what she does to engage to figure out if this is true or not. I saw this tweet. And it makes me feel things, right? – Makes me feel things true. I love journalism. (laughs) – It’s talking about
these dudes, that, like, basically helped expose the lies. And, you know, they’re watching– – Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. – Are they famous journalists? – Yes, very. – Okay, I don’t know a whole lot about it. – All the President’s Men,
the movie, the old movie? It’s about them. And this is actually a
scene from that time. – I wanna retweet that, right? Should I retweet it? – It’s very retweetable. (laughs) – Should I retweet it? – I mean, I think, number one I would look at who is Don Wislow? – Step one, you can see
that she tries to figure out who is behind the information. – I hope he’s not somebody
really important that I should know who he is.
(Destin laughs) Don Winslow, number one, who
is behind the information? We need to figure that out. – [Destin] He’s an author. – New York Times number one international bestselling
author of The Cartel. He’s not necessarily an expert
on the topic of journalism. That to me is not enough for the retweet. So next step, after I looked that up– – So you would not
retweet it at this point? – No, no. (laughs) – So now what I do I do? – There’s no link to any
additional information, and that to me is always
a red flag, always. So find more information
about what they’re saying. – Number two, what’s the evidence? This is the most important step for Katy. And one thing I found was
interesting is she didn’t stop at just, is the story
true, she went further. She wanted to see if the photo was real. To do this, she used a
really clever technique, it’s just a Google reverse imagine search. – Use a reverse Google
image search and write click and search Google for image,
it’s as simple as that. This is one of my favorite tools. – [Destin] Oh, wow, okay. – [Katy] So first search results– – [Destin] Reddit,
Twitter, Blogspot, Tumblr. – [Katy] Scoopnest, I
don’t know what that is. – So I’m simply looking for things that I recognize as reputable– – And I spend all my days lateral reading, and I don’t know any of these. – [Destin] So all this is looking– – These are all not reputable
names or well known sources, so that is a red flag in itself. – [Destin] What if I went
this, what if I went up here to tools and I searched, like,
let’s say, like, last year. I should get an old source now, so maybe I can find the first person. – [Katy] Washington Post, what is this? So that’s a good sign, NPR. – [Destin] Washington Post. – So this is a panel, but
not showing the photo, right? So that’s– – [Woman] His resignation
felt like to you? Elizabeth? – This is the night he announced
he was going to resign. – [Woman] The night he
announced he was resigning. – He was gonna resign, and it was the next day that was truly bizarre. – I think most people probably
aren’t gonna sit through a five minute video to find out, right? So I think I’d go back
to the search results. And see what else we got.
– Okay. But that was an original
source, those were the guys. – Yes, but we’re talking,
we’re trying to verify the veracity of the photo, right? – [Destin] Got it, because somebody could have photoshopped in– – Nixon’s image. – You think differently than me. (Katy laughs) I’ve been, like, yeah,
they were there, retweet. But you’re trying to make
sure that the image is real. You have a higher level of
fidelity that’s required– – And skepticism, you know. – Skepticism. – I think that, because
the internet is full of a lot of garbage. (laughs) – Number three, what do other sources say? Katy told me a really
interesting technique called lateral reading. – Basically that means
instead of reading vertically and just looking at your newsfeed– – Yeah, ’cause I’m just
scrolling on my phone, yeah. – And you stop at a tweet or
you stop at a Instagram meme or whatever, instead of
reading vertically and just trying to figure out is
this legitimate or not, just by looking at that,
you need to open up tabs on your browser and
literally read laterally. – Sometimes when you
get to the end of this three step process you’re pretty
sure that the thing is real and you wanna tweet it because
it makes you feel things and you want other people to feel things, but at that point, if you don’t know 100%, this is the moment that you
have to decide if you’re gonna be part of the problem
of misinformation online or if you’re gonna be
part of the solution. You have to do something that
she calls click restraint. Okay, well, I can’t find the actual image. Okay, so, to me that’s
just generally a red flag, and it’s not something
to be discouraged by, it’s also telling you something. It’s telling you that
you can’t find this image anywhere else, so it could
be doctored, number one. Number two, I’m not gonna
feed that out, I’m not gonna retweet that, I’m not gonna
share that on my social media. – But those are your homies. They’re like, talking
about how journalism– – I know, it’s really
tempting, this is like chocolate for a journalist,
that tweet, you know? (laughter) But I’m going to exert my click restraint and I am not going to reshare that. – Really? So now that we’re armed
with these techniques: who’s behind the information? What does the evidence say? And what do other sources say? Katy wanted me to take a shot at it. She found something online that was a little bit controversial,
it’s the kind of thing that gets people stirred up online. And she wanted me to take
a crack at figuring out if it was true or not. Right, you’re gonna send it to me? – I sent it to you. – [Destin] How do I fact check that? – [Katy] Memes are kinda
tricky, because you need to do a screenshot that takes away the text. Google Image Search, drag and drop. – [Destin] Arctic sea
ice minimum, is that it? – [Katy] You could try that, that’s NASA, so that’s always a good sign. Okay, so this is the image, right? – [Destin] There it is. – [Katy] Bingo. The dates are wrong, so this, which is really important to the story. – Look at that, they blotted out the date to put whatever date they wanted on there. Punks. It’s called just facts page too. (Katy laughs) Like, ultimately, the
person that made that post was trying to say, like,
hey, global warming is real and if you don’t believe it you suck. But ultimately they undermined
what they were trying to do because they showed false
data and then somebody on the other side that’s
a climate change denier or whatever terminology you
wanna use to get excited about, that person can say, see,
you doctored the photos. So it muddies the waters,
and it makes truth this difficult thing to
find, and so ultimately even if you’re trying to
put an exclamation point beside the thing that you believe, you can undercut your very cause. – Exactly, I mean, it’s
like feeding the beast. – Something I’ve been giving
a lot of thought to recently is that in the developing
moments of a new news story, that is the most likely
time that I’m gonna get misinformation online. I think it has to do
with the speed at which the news cycle occurs, and to
explain this I have a metaphor for something I learned about
fighter jets in the ’50s. There was this colonel
in the Air Force named Colonel John Boyd who
developed the decision cycle called the OODA loop. He figured out if you can
observe, orient, decide, and act first, you would complete your
OODA loop before the enemy and you would almost
always score hits and win. I asked my buddy Ben to make a simulation to help me illustrate this point. Here we have two fighter jets, they’re constantly trying
to out maneuver each other. The only difference in the
jets is that the red one is able to get through
its decision cycle first. The blue one takes his time
getting through its OODA loop, and as a result, it’s
always too slow and ends up reaching to information
that’s already changed. This means that no matter
how many times I restart the simulation, the red
jet is always gonna be the one that scores the big hits. Now think of your social media newsfeed like it’s a war zone. It’s not unlike the dogfights
seen in aerial combat. It’s a hyper competitive environment where the stakes are high and
reaction time matters. Instead of observe, orient,
decide, act, let’s change the decision cycle to how
people make news posts online. People observe things, they
may or may not verify them, they write a social media post,
and then they click publish. Often times, whoever publishes first gets the most views, the most
followers, which eventually turns into more advertising dollars. People are rewarded for posting fast. The problem today is that your
modern newsfeed is driven by social media, which rewards
whoever can post first. And unlike when traditional, high quality journalism
dominated, on social media, there are no editors to verify the truth. In fact, many people
intentionally skip this step so they can can post quicker in order to be the first one to get the views. Unfortunately what this means is now you must verify the truth,
because unless it’s coming from a reputable source, it is
not going to be fact checked. So how do we break this
cycle of misinformation? First of all, you need to
read the entire article, not just the title. If there’s nobody
willing to put their name next to the information and
there’s no sources cited, that is a crap news source. They care more about views
and clicks than telling you the truth, you should
unsubscribe to that news source or that social media
account, and you should clean up your news timeline. Good journalists exist, they do. You have to find them,
you have to follow them, reward them for their work. Share their work, tell
people, hey, this is a well sourced article, you
should follow this person. Do some lateral reading. Use Google to get to the heart of where that image came from. And most important of all,
think before you click and share something online. Do some digging, try to
fact check it yourself, and only then should you
share information online. Do not spread misinformation. Let’s be part of the solution,
not part of the problem. – If you see something on
social media that you’re not sure about and you really
want some help figuring out if it’s legitimate or not,
just share it with a hashtag or reply with the hashtag is this legit? And tag @mediawise, and my team and I will help you figure it out. – There you go, so, hashtag is this legit? You know we’re just gonna totally flood your Twitter account, right? (Katy laughs) Or your Instagram. – We’re ready. – You’re ready? Okay, hashtag is this legit? You should be doing the
lateral reading yourself first, but if you really can’t figure it out, this is the lady to talk to. – We’ll help you figure it out. Also, follow us on all,
across social, @mediawise, we have some really cool fact
checking content that teaches a lot of the things we’ve
been talking about today. – Huge thanks to MediaWise
for supporting the creation of this video, and I
wanted to let you know about an upcoming series
on Smarter Every Day. I’m doing a very unique,
well researched series, I guess you would call it,
on algorithm manipulation. I went to YouTube, I went to
Twitter, I went to Facebook, I talked to the people in
charge of these things, the people that develop
countermeasures to try to fight the misinformation that
we experience online. I got to go talk to the
people that are in charge of those things, and
it is very fascinating. That is a, I mean, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen
online, so, if you haven’t subscribed to Smarter Every
Day, please help me spread the message on this by subscribing and sharing those videos
when they come out. I’m Destin, you’re
getting smarter every day. Have a good one.

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