Why You Should Thank A Teacher Today

okay class this snowman is made out of three geometric shapes now if I take one of them off then you have it what's wrong a Morgan no one is dead now oh no no it's okay look look see teachers are definitely underappreciated or school seven years ago our fathers brought forth teachers have to answer millions of questions how big his outer space where do my sister from from is the Sun following me teachers have to deal with every type of emergency no one is gonna know that you had an accident okay wrap this around your hair teachers have to know everything about everything get a second so in a way this is a very realistic portrayal of a volcano cuz everybody thought I was gonna explode but it didn't explode I'm the math giraffe then I'm here to say we're gonna use her mind cameras now and imagine people running down the hill cuz they were warned but they're like nah this thing isn't gonna blow you guys are gonna stick around town and see what goes down long division long division not wrong division teachers have to be like a courtroom judge they must be honest and fair you'll read you the answer you put on your math test I forgot to study last night so here's a drawing of a donkey during roller skates it's a good drawing but you got to study teachers have to be really really nice all the time it's harder than it looks hi miss Rachel I made you some cookies Wow for me thank you we made a chocolate chips favorite and hot dogs even when they're not at work they're still working Lindsay what are you still doing here this waiting for my mom no way with you teachers have to be good role models they must challenge and inspire their students Oh Stuart your shoes untied when help Oh need any help because it taught me mr. OSHA in conclusion teachers have the hardest job in the world what amazing things did your teacher do for you tree sir yes I'm a tree

27 thoughts on “Why You Should Thank A Teacher Today”

  1. One time after a club, I couldn't get ahold of my mom and the teacher came a waited with me for 15 minutes and even offered to give me a ride if I needed one. A lot goes wrong at my school, but the teachers are pretty nice.

  2. When you wet your pants (pee them) my school sent them to the front office where the would put on spare pants 👖 not make you walk around in wet pants

  3. One of my teachers take like 7 weeks to mark one test, and some teachers don’t even teach us they give u a book and say ‘read page 394 and answer questions’

  4. My band teacher preformed a whole dance number in a banana costume once,
    It was the best thing ever.

  5. I had this one teacher, (his name is like a certain green muscley guy I think the avengers) (dont come for me, I'm not interested in marvel stuffs) anyways he was one of my favorite teachers because he made had us have fun while learning. When we learned about the civil war, he acted as both generals. He was strict but only if you were distracting someone. He had this thing where if you did all your homework for a week you would get a cup of soda or a popsicle (depending on what he had in his room at the time) He was my favorite teacher ever. I wish I could see him again… but I moved on to middle school and he's in the elementary school. It's been about 3 years since I've seen him. He was the first teacher that helped me get good grades (a's and b's all year) Mr.Hulk if you're seeing this, you were my favorite teachers I've had.

  6. Once in kindergarten, my teacher caught me and my friends skipping math, and she noticed that we did not want to do math, so she let us skip😂

  7. I have an amazing teacher! He is the kindest teacher I have ever met! My whole class loves him! But I have this math teacher that my whole class hates. Once my friend told my old math teacher "YOU ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN OUR NEW MATH TEACHER!" at that time our new math teacher walked by… She was sad you could see it in her face. But she didn't say anything. Everyone hated her because she would make learning hard. Once the same friend who told my old math teacher the "YOU ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN OUR NEW MATH TEACHER!" that friend, was talking to everyone and distracting the class. My new math teacher told her to stop, she said ok, but continued to distract the class… My new math teacher… THREW HER TEXTBOOK AT HER AND TOLD HER TO SHUT UP! It hit me hard, but the pain lasted a few days only…. We didn't want to tell anyone because we were scarred she would get mad again… I try to participate and to the work she tells me to do…

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